Thursday, August 30, 2012

H.E.R.O. Book Series! CHECK IT OUT!

I met this gent by the name of Kevin Rau that writes a series of Super Hero novels called H.E.R.O. Series during the Reaper Kickstarter (weird eh?). I have had the pleasure (about halfway finished) reading hist first book (which I can add is FREE) and you can pick up the rest of the novels as E-books for very reasonable prices. From my reading. I am very impressed with how this is going and look forward to reading more of these later! 

Overall, he is giving the Supers theme a very adult and realistic feel much like how Wild Cards was done with that sense of community and character development where there is less focus on the teams and more about the character development.

Well worth checking out, the website is amazing! He told me to check Facebook (that I hate) as he has more artwork and such there! He told me that it is updated several times each week.

The official pages are:

I will post direct links to his stuff later on my blog for easy reference!

Speaking of reference I may be stealing some of his costume paint schemes for some of my figures! 


  1. Hey Styx! Thanks for posting a blog about H.E.R.O.! I loved the Reaper Kickstarter, it made me want to do one of my own (and then I realized that their team did such an amazing job at it that mine would probably come across horribly...).

    Interesting timing, the latest full novel in the series, H.E.R.O. - Incursion, was released just yesterday (Aug. 30, 2012).

    If you want the first eBook (H.E.R.O. - Metamorphosis) for free, you can nab nearly all formats from Smashwords at
    It's also free on iTunes, and soon it should show up on Sony, B&N, the Kobo, and hopefully Amazon as well (if they price match all the other free outlets).

    Also, I discovered that you can peruse the Facebook page WITHOUT having an account there, if you just want to look at it as a webpage. To leave comments, Facebook demands that people have accounts (but you can always email me using the address on my official page).

    It was great talking with you online, I welcome talks with people, and it's fun chatting with those interested in the topic.

    Oh, and email me pics of the figures you paint! I'd love to see how they come out!

    1. Thanks for dropping by!

      Yea, I flipped over to Facebook last night and cruised some of the photos. I plan to go back later to look at more. It said something about if I wanted to look at more I have to log in, may have to steal my wife's account for a few mins...heheheh

      I am on about page 87, hope to get some more reading in today and by the end of the week post a detailed review. I try to avoid spoilers as nothing sucks more than telling someone the entire book (or at least the big points).

      Just also plugged the blog link here to direct your way on Lead Adventure Forums for miniature gaming of all genre's including a special Super Forum....

      I'll be dropping a review on Amazon later as well.