Thursday, June 21, 2012

Black Tree Panzer M almost finished!

Wow! I plan to post a review on Black Tree Designs miniatures I ordered soon, but here is a teaser pick of their tank. Yes, all  metal and a bitch to paint. Looking forward to getting the resin one I ordered by mail and seeing how it compares...just about finished, just have to add a few more items on it but I wanted to take a break and have not been motivated yet  to finish it.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Well, had two nice surprises in may mail box today. The first was my copy of Iron Ivans Disposable Heroes and a Coffin for Seven Brothers that I won on Ebay and the second goodie item was my order from Black Tree Designs back when they had their half off Memorial Day sale and I had a 10% bonus coupon to use!

While I have not had time to read over Disposable Heroes, I have only heard good things about it and everyone seems to enjoy it and find it to be very easy to learn and fun with a good application of historical and realism as well. I just need to get ANGRIFF! (the German book) and the Point Blank Rules (for squads) and I am ready to go! Well, I do need to boost up my Fallschirmjager and the Wehrmacht that I just received to round out the model selection.

Overall I was pleased with the Black Tree Designs product for the price. There is the usual flash you get with the industry so nothing new there. The Panzer M is all metal and it appears the comments on the Internet are right that it could be hell to assemble this beast. After doing a head count, I had an extra SMG in the platoon kit which was a cool bonus perk. My only two complaints is that they did not have the Wehrmacht radio men I ordered and it is on back order. The other complaint if you can call it that is the lack of the MP-40's for the Fallschirmjager, instead the blister came with MP-44's. I had planned to buy some as they are upgrades but now I just need to add them to my main order.

I hope to be playing my first game by about July, one of the last issues I have is trying to figure out how to base the figures. I am thinking of going the cheap route and use washers that seems to be a very common thing among players or buy some of the thin plastic bases that are sold out there.

Tonight I am getting a Panzer G from an online trade and I have won an Ebay auction that had two Kubelwagons, a flatbed truck and a PAK40 that states is missing some parts. I hope to figure out what is missing and either rig something else or perhaps make a quick copy with a resin kit to replace the missing parts for a second PAK40 gun.

Stay tuned as the army starts to march to progress! I figure in a month the Russians will be on the way, between the deal with Plastic Soldier company and a few tanks the Russians would be very playable very quickly for just right at a $100 or so.

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