Monday, February 2, 2015

More Mojo Madness!

I had these done for a few days and forgot to take some photos!

These are by Angry Mojo as part of their cemetery kickstarter. I had a few leftovers and used some extra wood to make another two rows....all in all with the gazebo, fountain, benches, sarcophagus, mausoleums and some other details the cemetery is going to be sweet....

I added some moss on the back....I will go back to the front soon to add some lines or even some names of some the guys that I game with for a laugh.

Shots of the Bolt Action Tournament at Battlezone (Jan 31st)

Well, the Tampa crew loaded up and headed over to Battlezone to do battle at their kickoff Bolt Action tournament at their new store in the mall in Seabring FL....a very nice upgrade from the old mower shop (yes, a lawn mower repair shop and gaming store in old downtown)....while the other place had charm this had a nicer location and space. Chris and William joined me on this road trip of adventure, both of them brought US Marines while I pulled out my Finnish to finally get some game time in with! I always end up running and overseeing more than playing of late and I miss that, plus I get rusty on the ole rules also!

In the end Chris took first, I took second and everyone had an amazing set of 3 games. I played Ed, John and Ryan in my three games and we had gents from all over including Ft Myers, Sarasota as well as locals at Battlezone.

A good warm up for Crucible IV!

We were I think just about 50/50 on Axis and Allied...
2 Soviet
4 German
3 Marines
1 British
2 Finnish

Getting my Mojo on! Scenery style!

Well, I have been plowing right through various projects trying to finish up various things over the next few weeks for Crucible IV, wow....I can feel the crunch of needing to get stuff done and starting to get a little stress. The tables are going to look great, just a good bit to do still between now and then.

I can see a few spots to touch up but all in all they look great IMO.....

Warlord barbed wire sections...

I added some detail around each set of barbed wire to add some character.

Park benches by Angry Mojo


Broken church benches by Angry Mojo

Blast carters by Angry Mojo

Angry Mojo Gazebo 

I did one in grey but I think I may brush it up to white....what do you think?

Warlord craters....

Warlord sheep flock

Angry Mojo sarcophagus 

Many of these I added a little pop to the top with some various bits...Dark Angel Icon and a Wooden necklace bit that I bought a bag of at Hobby Lobby for a few bucks.

To the left beads from Hobby Lobby and the right I added some leftover MDF from other kits that I throw into a junk box of spare wood for cases like this.

Another cross and a plastic cherub that was for a necklace in a pack of random stuff that was given to me for scenery purposes. Seems like it found a home!

A plastic dove and more wooden MDF bits to detail these...

Side shots....

Shots of the inside....I glued thin plasticard to the bottom so I could put things inside in the future for additional detail or hide small objectives for games like Strange Aeons.

Angry Mojo Police Box......