Sunday, December 27, 2015

Lair of the Uber Geek: Christmas Loot & Workbench Update

Lair of the Uber Geek: Christmas Loot & Workbench Update

White man speak with forked tongue. Great haul there!

Some WW2 Finnish done!

Finished off a few more models that was stacked up on the painting table waiting to be finished. I already have a huge lot of Finns painted up so, these are nothing ATM, but it clears way for me to focus on other items that I need to get done like support guns, crew, ski troops and a sleigh.

Medium mortar team,

AT Rifle Team

Rifleman with two soldiers with panzerfausts.

More rifles.

Yet more rifles...

And more...

And more....

Secret Santa - Thank you!

Well, time for the Christmas follow up post...

First I want to say thank you to Catherine for running another Secret Santa with Ian. Second, I would like to thank my Secret Santa that hooked me up with great Crossover Miniatures! I always love Rusty's stuff and I cannot recommend his miniatures enough if you are a superhero fan.

First I would like to show off my Secret Santa gift from last year that Leif was kind enough to send to me. A real treat here as I was eyeing this for some time but always other items went higher on the list. A great choice on his part and I have enjoyed this, so much I am doing more with it and still not finished as other projects have shadowed finishing it.

Front - need to wash and trim the green  and brown some.

Side shot

Shot of the rear. You may ask what next? Well the rough was made to remove. I plan to put it on a plastic sheet base, then use wood coffee sticks for the floor and detail up the inside and paint it. I love interiors for buildings and this like the barn deserves that extra attention.

My Crossover goodies! I got the Ninjas with sword, the leader with sword and pistol along with the guard. Sweet! Who does not love Ninjas? Thanks again Secret Santa!

This cherry was from my friend Chris, he bought one for him and ordered my gift a few months back. This is my first Rubicon model but I have seen others that people have purchased and these are fine model kits. I love this one as the frame can be removed to use as a normal 251 or the ambulance version. This is again another plus for Rubicon as they help you get the most for your buck with kits,

Ninjas already filed, heads added and based! I already did the texture and primered them yesterday!
I am thinking perhaps a purple suit with a nice accent color.

This was a gift to me as well as for my buddy Chris. I was walking in Wal-Mart after Black Friday and this was on an endcap. After checking the price this was a "must have purchase" as we both use these for scenery painting all the time. Save the good paint for your models! This stuff does great for your general painting needs and it works out to less than .50 cents a bottle! Whooo!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas to all!

I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, This is a time to appreciate the family and friends you have that are important to your life. This holiday is not about organized religion or retail but rather the simple boiled down facts of be a good person, treat others well and carry forth good deeds for peace on earth. Never forget the most basic of the things that make life great.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veteran's Day!

Best wishes to all that have served and thank you for everything!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dear Secret Santa

Well, Catherine has dropped the names and the links, so on with the show! So, what ideas to toss out to my Secret Santa?

My blog is all over the place, I do love WW2, but I also frankly have a good bit of stuff, perhaps more than I can deal with now. So having other problems would be better!

Short list items that I could suggest:

1) RAFM Call of Cthulu Line - I am playing Strange Aeons now, so there are some figs in the line I am interested in:

Crazed Clergy
Tentacle Man
Great Race of Yith
Servitor of the Outer Gods
Flying Polyp
Elder Thing
Lesser Other God
Y'Golonac Great old one
Leng Spider

2) There is also the Dr Who miniature game about to be released by Warlord, I have no figs as of yet, I know Black Tree Designs has a Dr Who line I have looked at as well as Crooked Dice, there are some other companies, always been a fan and looking forward to the new game. Not real picky on any particular figs....

3) I am also a huge super hero fan, there are a bunch of figs in the Supersystem line that I would love to collect still. I know Old Glory sells them and there are other companies out there that retail them as well. Here are a few I want:

Emerald Alien
Mistress Nightmare
Spine Strike
The Siberian
Stone Flower
Mecha Samurai
Devils Night  Henchmen
Elasi Ape
Gibbon Glider
High Gear
The Glock Roach
Elasti Woman
Ape Austin

4) Crossover Miniatures makes some figures I have yet to add, most are the minions mostly but there are some great options here and I always love to send Rusty some customers.

Ninja Guard (cowl)
Ninja Boss with Gun (cowl)
Ninjas with Weapons (4) (cowl)
Thug Leader (ski masks)
Ninjas (4) (cowl)
Thugs (4) (ski masks)
Ninjas with Guns (4) (cowl)

5) Other Cthulu items and misc items are in the Reaper Miniatures Range, a good company I can recommend is Miniature Giant, they discount their Reaper stuff and I have dealt with them many times.

Crosswire (Super Villain)
Jake Ryan (Hero Explorer)
Zombie Boss with Chainsaw
Lab Mutant
Vermina, Rat Queen
Agetha Fox, Female Spy
Astrid Berger, Cold War Spy
Mega Mutant
Weapon Pack III
Buck Fannin, Cowboy
Bonnie, Muumuu Zombie
Max Graves, Pulp Era Investigator
Wild West, Wizard of Oz Scarecrow

Looking forward to seeing what my, chosen gent or lady will be for me to buy for!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Finished up another German Squad and Scenery WIP

Finished up a squad of rifle based Germans that I could use a few extra as some various unit options. So, they have been laying around for months, now and I had an unfinished scenery item that needed to be done.

My new squad of Germans with rifles.

I had an old Fantasy movement base. I added some sheep, I plan to add either some more or some rocks and trees to add some depth to the scenery.

Robotech Tactics: Breetai Special Edition Mini

Got a few packages in the mail, one included the Breetai I purchased from Palladium since I was an investor in the Kickstarter, I wished I could have ordered more.

Looking forward to getting him painted up with the other models and on the table.

Psvkshr id nivr.

A close up in the blister.

The parts, very nice and simple,

Assembled in a snap and with little filing and work.

Breetai next to a Battle Pod for scale.

Tournament Shots from the Sept 15th Bolt Action Tournament at Paladin Games

Slow posting these but things have been crazy of late with getting back from a long trip, catching up at work on a busy time of the year and dealing with my sick dog...

Enjoy some shots from the Tournament at Paladin games!

French vs Finnish - Top Secret

BA-10 vs the French Armored Car

Char 2C rolls forward!

Game 2 in the desert vs the US Airborne

Game 3 vs British Airborne.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

4Ground Furniture

Finished most of my 4Ground Furniture...

Single and Double Bed - easy to assemble, a bit plain, I may paint the tops and use some green stuff to make pillows to glue on.

Table, the legs are a bit fiddly to put on but otherwise a nice bit of MDF. The instructions also has a few prints you can cut out to make it into a card table with green felt, chips and cards on top.

Piano, loved this went together easy. The instructions labeled a few things wrong.

L Shaped counter - easy assembly, the middle join did require some glue to ensure a more solid join and remove some spacing in the joins.

Cupboard, easy to assemble, looks nice.

Fireplace, a snap to do, a bit dark but it works well in a building.

Chairs - was a POS - There is no joins or grooves to line up the legs with the lower brackets. Fiddly bits that made me scream. If you are younger, have stead hands and such you will have no problem. If you are an older gent like me and not too steady in the hand, be warned.

Example shots in a 4Ground Winter home I own,

Tank Wars Game at new LGS - Next Ridge Games

Chris and I took a trip to a new LGS that opened in Tampa, about 30 mins away and we opted to pack up some lists to try out while we chatted up the new owners of the store. We had been talking for some time since our home base for Bolt Action shut down due to financial issues.

The owners were great, the store is nice and plenty of space to add product and lots of game table perhaps up to 15 or 16 tables. The AC works nice (in Florida in the summer, THIS is a good thing) and everyone there was very curious about the game.

Chris brought a US list with a few Shermans and a Wolverine along with a Jeep and Air Observer.

My list was a bit more Complex: Panther G, Panzer III J (X2), Paner IV F/G, UNIC (light AT gun/command), Puma, Motorcycle with LMG and a Marder III....

Both of us had 8 dice....

First round was ugly with use posing to take up positions after I won the dice off and took the better side of the table in my opinion. Then Chris drew first blood with a 6-6-6 plastering a Panzer III J in the first round. The second saw both of us throwing pins around. Then reserves crept in on 2 Chris pulled most of his out after the loss of one tank, I had two on outflank, by 3 I had everything on and many good directions of fire setup. It was an exchange up till 5, then Chris was loosing vehicles left and right including an Airstrike getting a 1 and I burned one of his tanks with it. After that it was just ugly watching the dice dwindle down to a jeep and observer as I took out the last tank on 6 and held three objectives with a single loss of a Panzer III J, I did have a Panzer IV immobile along with the Marder but I was ok otherwise. Phew! He plans to bring British next week, let's hope the big guns don't sleep!

A great game and Chris is always a blast to play against. The good point was to show the owners about the game and setup shop as our new home

The table, mat by Deep Cut Studios, rocks and water by my friend Chris. The buildings are Company B resin buildings painted by Chris and Cresent Root MDF prepainted buildings.

Jeep and Wolverine advance

Puma arrives with a Panzer III with caution.

First blood!

Germans line up for their shooting

What do you mean that wasn't a German plane sir?

Yes sir, I got the right tank this time but I was out of bombs, so I shot it with my machine guns...
(got a 1 for the plane choice, fighter against a tank, Hahahhahaha)