Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Today!

I think the image says it all! Today I am cooking cranberry sauce and three corn casserole to bring to my wife's brothers house where we are opted to gather this year. Tomorrow we are having a small feast also for food we really want to enjoy and love! Plus my wife likes my cooking!
What are you thankful for? I am thankful for the following:
  • my wife
  • my family
  • my friends
  • my pets (current and those that passed)
  • good games
  • great shows to enjoy on TV
  • our freedom
  • to those that came before us and settled this country and fought to make it is what it is today. We are far from perfect but it is a good country.

And if you have to ask, yes I own a basset hound, he is about 13-14 and is currently guarding the kitchen to ensure that nobody steals the cranberry sauce as it cool.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Robotech Factory Update 1!

Well, been working slowly on a few items from my Robotech Tactics Kickstarter that arrived on Veteran's day.

So far, 12 Battle Pods, 1 Officer Pod, 1 Scout Pod and 2 Spartans are done so far. I went an extra step inspired by some others on Robotech Facebook page that allowed me to tackle adding magnets to my minis to expand my weapon options.

Also see the images below on how I added the magnets to the Spartans to expand the weapon options.

The weapon pods, clip the nub off and drill out the hole. I have a few bits that are the same size at the magnet that makes a perfect snug fit (at some times, no glue is needed).

Drill out of the side.

First magnet in the torso, the second now waits for the arm.

The weapon pod with a magnet. I used some plastic glue to fill in the crack from adding the extra magnet taking up space.

Finished Spartans with both weapon options.

Missile Pods. One open and one closed.

The magnets I used. This size works well for many projects.

Shot of the Zentradi horde so far.

Still on the fence about this pod. I wanted to capture movement but more forward instead of a leg behind running as typical in most poses.

Another one I tried to get a different feel of movement and action.

Officer pod

Scout Pod.

What do you think? Feedback welcome!

Saturday exploring Hernando County

Chris and I headed up to Hernando County on Saturday to check out a few things up there....

We first hit Harbor Freight where I purchased another of the yellow storage cases that works great for holding my Bolt Action Armies. Chris found an inexpensive calliper.

The case, has storage on top and 4 smaller trays.

Example of how I store my figures.

Space on top for the big goodies!

Next we hit Dana's Railroad Supply which I have to admit is a hidden jewel in Hernando County. This is a must stop for train enthusiasts, but also for those building scenery and need general hobby materials. Plus, their prices were very reasonable.

Chris bought some scenery materials and paint while I picked up a plastic strip to use as a girder for a building frame for my supersystem games. I also nabbed two Vallejio paints (which I will add they had two racks, not everything, but not all of Vallejio) and some plastic glue. 

Check them out!

We made a quick stop at Tactical Supply, a military surplus store....sadly they had no Drill Sargent hats that were my size or a LT cap with butter bars! Oh well, it was still fun to walk around and look at the cool displays and items they have.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

A great cartoon on Bell of Lost Souls

This was posted on Bell of Lost Souls a great 40k fourm and this made me laugh.....

To me this applies almost to every game that has small plastic fiddly parts....Robotech, Bolt Action as well as GW stuff!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wed. Night Gaming at Anthem!

We had 8 attend the Warlord open gaming night at Anthem...we had 1 Japanese, 1 Finnish, 2 German, 1 American, 2 British and 1 Soviet.

Here are a few shots....

Saturday, November 15, 2014

First Bolt Action Tournament at Anthem Games! Nov 15th

Wow, just got back home from a great day of gaming at Anthem Games. We had 10 players attend the first Bolt Action Tournament at the store and also was a Crucible IV Carnage Event. A Carnage Event is a fancy name of saying win a chance for a ticket to Crucible IV for FREE!

We had two players from Darkside in Sarasota (Mike and Dan), James visiting from Seabring (from the Battlezone, Ed's store), John made it down from Georgia (4 hour drive) and of course the locals at Anthem that included Ryan, Marco, William and Chris plus Ryan's new recruit Nemo. To boot we had a special overseas guest that was in Orlando training for a few weeks. By luck he saw the Warlord posting I did about the event and packed his bags to join in the fun! Welcome to the US Kevin!

1st Place went to John
2nd Place went to Marco
Players choice voting welcomed Kevin to the US honoring him with a prize.
Mike also won the drawing for his all expense paid $45 ticket for the weekend!
Congrats to all the winners!

Oh, I bet you want me to talk about the armies eh? What did we have? Actually a good mix:

2 British - 1 British Army and 1 British Airbonre
1 US - Marine
1 Italian - Desert Themed
1 Bulgarian
3 Soviet
2 German

Table Setup Shots

Bombed out Town attempting to rebuild

Bocage and Cheatu

A nice sample of the bocage Chris is working on for an entire table!

Soviet Front

Pacific Table

Kevin from overseas! Yes, he stated he was born in the UK and has NEVER played a Games Workshop game!

First Round!

Second Round!

Round 3!

Lee stopped by and visited. He brought his US army so I broke out my Finns and got a quick game in with Lee. We played Top Secret while everyone else was doing Attrition. Ryan and Nemo had to leave, Ryan's wife was not feeling well and he needed to look after little Ryan!