Sunday, February 21, 2016

Kung Fury - A must watch movie!

Wife was out with her co-worker's last night for drinks and celebrating a birthday and I was home alone with the dog and looking for something to entertain me but nothing overly complex to watch. Then I found this sleeper of a movie.

Let me first say this isn't a fantastic movie, it is the typical "B" mod movie. It's bad, but in a good way bad that is entertaining and short (30 mins). 

What gripped me is the early on opening of a cop car being flipped into the air by a skateboard and then blown apart by small arms fire by some thugs. Then a video game turns into a killing machine shooting everything around it and flipping people off. At least until the hero shows up.

I won't spoil the plot but let's just say it just has a crazy mix of cool cars, David Hasselhoff jokes, 80's technology nostalgia with Hitler calling himself the "Kung Fuhrer" and backing up this bad ass martial arts time traveling cop is Triceratops Cop, the Norse God Thor, a Valkyrie riding a T-Tex, a Feral chick with a mini-gun and wolf alongside a Hacker....yea....I don't think they missed too much! Well maybe zombies...

Watch it with a grain of salt and for a laugh.

I found it on Netflix...but also apparently a site has an "touch game" for Kung Fury and has the full 30 min movie on the site. Enjoy!

Marvel's Dead Pool Movie - *****

No  spoilers here! I don't do crap like that.

Great movie, perhaps the best ever Marvel movie to date. The one liner quips by Dead Pool was a scream and the pacing was great, not a boring moment in it.

My wife that isn't a comic book fan actually went when we first met to go see Daredevil for Valentine's weekend, well we all know that movie sucked. Of late she half watches the Flash and the Arrow with of late I was able to get her to watch AKA Jessica Jones and Daredevil, she is excited already for season 2 of Daredevil, while she has never read a comic book her only favorite movie to date was the Punisher that was comic book based. 

Oh, I will give you one hint - stay for the credits....Easter Egg! 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Great Scenery from CVS!

Well, swung into a CVS in Chicago during my visit there and found a cool taxi cab on a collectible toy car display. Later I swung into another and found a nifty ambulance that I also wanted to add to my table for super heroes and zombie apocalypse gaming.

Doors open.

The inside of the ambulance is detailed.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hobby Lobby Finds!

I love Hobby Lobby! You can find some wonderful finds here,

Bag of barrels, just a few bucks and great for quick and cheap scenery. 

How was I able to do my hobby for so long without this is amazing stuff. Like sand and paste in a mix, use a 40% off coupon and it offsets the price and makes basing easy.

Storage cases, small but nice to keep counters and small parts collected in.

Barrels out of the bag, washed them with brown ink, then hit the bands with silver. Quick paint and looks great!

Bag of large discs (6), nice just paint and add trees for quick tree bases.