Thursday, August 27, 2015

Finished up another German Squad and Scenery WIP

Finished up a squad of rifle based Germans that I could use a few extra as some various unit options. So, they have been laying around for months, now and I had an unfinished scenery item that needed to be done.

My new squad of Germans with rifles.

I had an old Fantasy movement base. I added some sheep, I plan to add either some more or some rocks and trees to add some depth to the scenery.

Robotech Tactics: Breetai Special Edition Mini

Got a few packages in the mail, one included the Breetai I purchased from Palladium since I was an investor in the Kickstarter, I wished I could have ordered more.

Looking forward to getting him painted up with the other models and on the table.

Psvkshr id nivr.

A close up in the blister.

The parts, very nice and simple,

Assembled in a snap and with little filing and work.

Breetai next to a Battle Pod for scale.

Tournament Shots from the Sept 15th Bolt Action Tournament at Paladin Games

Slow posting these but things have been crazy of late with getting back from a long trip, catching up at work on a busy time of the year and dealing with my sick dog...

Enjoy some shots from the Tournament at Paladin games!

French vs Finnish - Top Secret

BA-10 vs the French Armored Car

Char 2C rolls forward!

Game 2 in the desert vs the US Airborne

Game 3 vs British Airborne.