Saturday, March 14, 2015

Company Spotlight: Angry Mojo Games

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My plan at first was to produce a monthly report to feature a company that should garner attention from the community. Well the best laid plans of gamers and I will do a triple for March and I am not short of subject matter!

Meet Angry Mojo, they just did (and completed pretty darn close to their estimate) their Kickstarter to start up their company right here in Orlando, FL. So they are just a stone throw away where I live and want to tell anyone, give these guys your money and they will give you decent MDF scenery at great prices. With some love and attention to detail that scenery can be spiffed up into a sweet looking table of scenery to rampage on in your games.

I had the pleasure to meet these guys at Crucible IV, they were outstanding and to see their products in person outside of what I received and the ideas that they want to move towards with their company sounds very, very cool. They love to talk to their customers and hear what they have to say, that is a huge quality that I can respect.

Example of the chapel I did adding detail like snow and stained glass windows.

A steamboat they are working on that is soon to be released!

Check them out on Facebook and their webstore that goes live March 16th!!!!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Crucible IV - Bolt Action Tournament Winners! Feb 27 - March 1

Shots of the winners!

Michael Henre -FUBAR Award

Jason Driver - Officer and Gentleman Award

Rufus Devane and John Brown (Team Tournament)

Platoon Winners from Saturday!
Lee Coleman ( Bronze) 
Chris Young (Silver)
Andrew Krayala (Gold)

Michael Phelps of Wargaming this weekend!
Rufus Devane!
Gold in Tank Wars
Gold in Team with John Brown
Armchair General - Total from the weekend
As well as painting awards in each category!

Andrew Krayala took the Silver in tank Wars

Group Shot

Winners Circle

Ryan Ridgeway winner of 
*not pictured Kai Devane*

Tied for 3rd in Platoon - 
Chris Young and Jason Diver

Team Tournament:
1st Place - John Brown and Rufus Devane
Honorable mentions to 2nd and 3rd:
2nd Place – Andrew Krayala and Mike Henre
3rd Place – Dan Kelly and Kai Devane

Platoon Tournament:
Gold – Andrew Krayala
Silver – Chris Young
Bronze – Lee Coleman
I Like to Play with Toy Soldiers – Ryan Ridgeway

Tank Wars:
Gold – Rufus Devane
Silver – Andrew Krayala
Bronze – TIE! Jason Driver and Chris Young
I Like to Play with Toy Soldiers – Dan Kelly

Weekend Awards:
Weekend Armchair General (Best Average from all 3 events) – Rufus Devane
Officer and Gentleman Award (Player Voted – Theme/Paint/Play) – Jason Driver

FUBAR Award (most  12’s rolled for Order tests) – Mike Henre

Painting – Single Model or Squad
Gold – Rufus Devane
Silver – Chris Young
Bronze – Dan Kelly

Painting – Large Unit – Team Weapon/Artillery
Gold – Rufus Duvane
Silver – Ben Dusenbery
Bronze – Chris Young

Painting – Gargantuan – Tank/Vehicle
Gold – Ben Dusenbery
Silver – Chris Young
Bronze – Ryan Ridgeway

Crucible IV - Saturday Photos - Bolt Action Event - Feb 27 - March 1

Singles Platoon Tournament shots!

This is my USMC face, you scared yet?

Vendor Selling goodies!


 Painting Awards!
Brone Small - Dan Kelly

Silver Small - Christ Young

Gold Small - Rufus Devane

Bronze - Weapon/Team - Chris Young

Silver - Team/Weapon - Ben Dusenbery

Gold - Team/Weapon - Rufus Duvane

Bronze - Tank/Vehicle - Ryan Ridgeway

Silver - Tank/Vehicle - Chris Young

Gold - Tank/Vehicle - Ben Dusenbery

Winners Circle - Congrats guys!

 Yes our hotel had live gators, they even took one out to let people touch and pet (the mouth was restrained of course for safety)