Monday, July 30, 2012

Test Fallschirmjäger painted up!

So, what do you think?

I went with the Splittermuster 41 camo pattern using the tan base. So far, I like the way how it turned out and I think this could be an easy pattern to paint up quickly.

This is where I found the information for painting the uniform:

Overall, I am pleased and I feel this will be a great start to the army! I just need to touch up the base and clean up a few things and maybe work on the face slightly for the eyes and I am done!

Drop your comments!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The many faces of Whiskers!

Last up is our final femme fatal of miniatures Whiskers. She would take a little extra conversion in the back end to cover up the hole but nothing a bit of putty or a spare bit could not fix in a jiffy!

Whiskers with Goggles! Nice!

With a mask!

Half Mask....

Just about any of the heads for Fury mix well with Whisker to create some very unique looking ladies in spandex!

Hope you have enjoyed this feature!

The many faces of Fury!

Next up, time to give the gals a whirl, sadly there are only two female Crossover miniatures at this the options get a bit thin still if you dabble with other ranges you may find something that works such as getting a bare head and sculpting your own hair and mask for your lady in tights!

The flying fox!

Bunny in the air!

Cat in flight!

Other companies heads on Crossover Miniatures?

I had some Pig Iron heads laying around so I grabbed a few and took a few fun shots to show you that you could grab head sprues from other great lines and mix them into the Crossover line as long as the sizes match up well.

Several companies such as Hasselfree, Black Cat Bases and Pig Iron to name a few have a variety of head systems that you could consider for head swaps. This also is not limited to the good ole fashion hack job you could do on one mini to add to another!

The many faces of Hoplite!

Next up the very cool armor/cyborg body of Hoplite meets a few new faces!

What if Trapjaw and Cyborg (DC) had a love child!

Cyborg with cool ass hair!

Cyborg with cowl...

Cyborg with half mask.

Cyborg with full mask,

What if Cyborg (DC) and Cyclops had a love chil!

Alien Cyborg thingie!

Cyborged Spartan!

Cowled armored face for Cyborg!

The many faces of Dr. E-Vil!

Another mix master of heads to get a good idea of how this would look. This time we will feature Dr. E-Vil for your perscription of conversions!

Half mask from Defender. I liked this one.

Full mask from the Defender.

This is what happens when Cyclops and Dr. Doom have a love child.

Dr. E-Vil on a bad hair day.

Dr. Doom and Trapjaw have a love child.

Everest mask for Dr. E-Vil.

Cyborg head for Dr. E-Vil.

Iron Man mask for Dr. E-Vil.

Armor head on Dr. E-Vil.

The many faces of Defender

Next up is Defender! This guy has a few good match ups and a few not so great ones. I will let you be the judge for yourself!

Defender and Trapjaw have a love child.

The Defender after watching Rambo Part V

Defender with Everest hood. Looks like he could use more fiber.

Defender with squid alien head.

Dr. Defender of E-Vil.

Defender of Sparta! Sorry for the fingers in this one. The head would not stay on and I finally figured out where I had some blue tac hidden still but that was late in the photo shoot!

Cyborg Defender

Defender with the old armor helm.

Defender wearing the iron mask.

The many faces of Everest

I feel one of the greatest potential with the Crossover Miniatures line is the ability to swap heads from one figure to another figure. So, in an effort to show some of this I am going to feature a few "many faces of" postings.

Here is a few head swaps using the Everest body:

Using the half mask from The Defender.

Using the Visor Head from the Defender.

A full cowl head from the Defender

Dr. E-Vil alien head on him...

Dr. E-Vil iron mask...

Centurion head on body...

Cyborg head from Hoplite

Armored head from Hoplite.

The Iron Mask from Hoplite.

Next up The Defender!