Monday, April 27, 2015

Review: One Man Star Wars Show

My wife surprised me with tickets to the last day of the show on a spur of the moment getaway while I was off gaming on Saturday. She knew I would enjoy it even if she did not...oh yea, she loved it also even though she saw the movies once.

The actor is from Canada and is a solo act (not the Han type either) that has been doing the show for 14 years after some delayed approval by Lucas and company! There are no props, just his black outfit and light shoes to do a few stunts and some lighting effects....everything else is a theatre of the mind which I thought was rather enjoyable.

He engaged the crowd in between each of the Episodes IV to VI so he ran the gauntlet from Star War to Return of the Jedi with his own shortened versions of the movie with some color commentary throughout the show. I was never once bored and had some personal fun from my prior theatre experience of "I would have done that...." in my head during the show.

Even the burp in the show where some idiot forgot to turn their cell phone off and he nailed them with a "you know it will keep ringing until you turn it off..." then jabbed them about being as important as Batman, then without a skip went right back into the routine. The scene was right at when the Emperor has just arrived at the Death Star in Jedi where Vadar was greeting him....I laughed pretty damm hard when Vader said the space station would be fully operational and the Emperor said..."Good....I see they already have the cell towers installed" jabbing one last fun at our crowd member. Maybe staged, maybe was funny as hell.

If the show stops in your town or near, this is a well worthwhile show....the tickets were $70 for my wife and  I but for an hour and 10 mins of solid fun it was well worth it and I also enjoy supporting the arts....which was another funny point when he asked people who had seen any movies, all the movies or none of the movies about Star Wars....when a few clapped "that they never have seen a Star Wars movie" he thanked them for supporting the arts as they won't have a clue about the show. Again, the banter was great throughout.

We had a Jawa and a few people dressed up in Imperial outfits...granted a few were perhaps beyond the legal weight limit to be an Imperial soldier but oh well, it is all good and fun!

May the Force Be with you!!!!