Sunday, July 19, 2015

4Ground Furniture

Finished most of my 4Ground Furniture...

Single and Double Bed - easy to assemble, a bit plain, I may paint the tops and use some green stuff to make pillows to glue on.

Table, the legs are a bit fiddly to put on but otherwise a nice bit of MDF. The instructions also has a few prints you can cut out to make it into a card table with green felt, chips and cards on top.

Piano, loved this went together easy. The instructions labeled a few things wrong.

L Shaped counter - easy assembly, the middle join did require some glue to ensure a more solid join and remove some spacing in the joins.

Cupboard, easy to assemble, looks nice.

Fireplace, a snap to do, a bit dark but it works well in a building.

Chairs - was a POS - There is no joins or grooves to line up the legs with the lower brackets. Fiddly bits that made me scream. If you are younger, have stead hands and such you will have no problem. If you are an older gent like me and not too steady in the hand, be warned.

Example shots in a 4Ground Winter home I own,

Tank Wars Game at new LGS - Next Ridge Games

Chris and I took a trip to a new LGS that opened in Tampa, about 30 mins away and we opted to pack up some lists to try out while we chatted up the new owners of the store. We had been talking for some time since our home base for Bolt Action shut down due to financial issues.

The owners were great, the store is nice and plenty of space to add product and lots of game table perhaps up to 15 or 16 tables. The AC works nice (in Florida in the summer, THIS is a good thing) and everyone there was very curious about the game.

Chris brought a US list with a few Shermans and a Wolverine along with a Jeep and Air Observer.

My list was a bit more Complex: Panther G, Panzer III J (X2), Paner IV F/G, UNIC (light AT gun/command), Puma, Motorcycle with LMG and a Marder III....

Both of us had 8 dice....

First round was ugly with use posing to take up positions after I won the dice off and took the better side of the table in my opinion. Then Chris drew first blood with a 6-6-6 plastering a Panzer III J in the first round. The second saw both of us throwing pins around. Then reserves crept in on 2 Chris pulled most of his out after the loss of one tank, I had two on outflank, by 3 I had everything on and many good directions of fire setup. It was an exchange up till 5, then Chris was loosing vehicles left and right including an Airstrike getting a 1 and I burned one of his tanks with it. After that it was just ugly watching the dice dwindle down to a jeep and observer as I took out the last tank on 6 and held three objectives with a single loss of a Panzer III J, I did have a Panzer IV immobile along with the Marder but I was ok otherwise. Phew! He plans to bring British next week, let's hope the big guns don't sleep!

A great game and Chris is always a blast to play against. The good point was to show the owners about the game and setup shop as our new home

The table, mat by Deep Cut Studios, rocks and water by my friend Chris. The buildings are Company B resin buildings painted by Chris and Cresent Root MDF prepainted buildings.

Jeep and Wolverine advance

Puma arrives with a Panzer III with caution.

First blood!

Germans line up for their shooting

What do you mean that wasn't a German plane sir?

Yes sir, I got the right tank this time but I was out of bombs, so I shot it with my machine guns...
(got a 1 for the plane choice, fighter against a tank, Hahahhahaha)

Senegalese done!

Well, last week I touched up the second box of Senegalese after my first box was done shortly after release. I have 19 in total, one LMG broke which when I asked for a replacement Warlord was kind and sent a full box, that is customer service.Reminds me of the old GW days where they took care of their customers and made them feel valued. I love that....

As for a quick review....
Hates: Soft/small weapons, that is why an LMG was damaged it was bent like a U and barely attached, snapped right off. The rifles are thin so be careful with them. I am also disappointed there was no pistol option or any of the figures with enough room to cut a hand off for a pistol without holding a rifle, all the rifles are at some point molded into the body and would require some severe work to alter.

Likes: Senegalese, nuff said there! I love tough fighters and regular, cheap and useful. Lots of character and plenty of detail on the figs.

Enjoy the figs!

Friday, July 17, 2015

New Rides for Strange Aeons!

Special thanks to Anne O'leary for getting these cars to me after her blog birthday contest! They are going to find a spot among my Strange Aeons collection!

Check out her blog

She is taking a bit of time off but wow, she is a talented painter and a great person to follow on a blog, when she posts it is worth reading!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Suicide Squad the Movie

I cannot wait for Aug of 2016 to come, after 25 years of reading the comic in my teens and talking to my friends about how cool comic book movies would be and how the Squad would make such a jaw dropping movie if done right....all this was back in the 80s!

Now the team is a bit odd, but I can live with the odd mix that was the nature of the squad. I still shake my head about tapping Will Smith as Deadshot, I hope he does not screw up the character, my favorite among the squad.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Birthday gifts to me!

Well, good ole Mom came through for me this year again, 43 and a kid at heart she sent me birthday cash to go wild......

My wife let me buy the Black Mask gang as a LGS about 2 hours away is getting into Batman, I've had my eye o this game, while not a huge Batman fan, I do love the bad guys and now that the Arrow and Watchmen have stepped into the lineup I am more interested. The rules seem improved and the game is growing. The models are a love/hate. It was pure luck that I found these on sale at dirt cheap prices making my entry into Batman somewhat cheap.

Deadshot my favorite DC baddie. Suicide Squad was my favorite comic!

Black Mask Thugs found these boys at a nice 50% off.

Mr Freeze

Reaper Catus Joe to go with my Ape gang for Judge Dredd. A cheap figure but I always wanted him.

Side by side to some Judge Dredd

I also was suckered into a deal with the Soviet Army, My Finnish army was getting lonely!

Japanese Jeep with MG....another will appear in my army soon!

I was also tempted by a sweet deal on 4Ground furniture and opted to test drive 10 packs.

Love my mom, so the next step is to start selling more 40k and clear out my Fantasy Undead. I have a pending buy to get some Pulp City that has been on hold and is my next expenditure to get then move on with some more scenery I hope!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July to all!

 Wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July!
Take a moment to remember and honor those that have served our country.
Take a moment to appreciate their sacrifice and service.
Appreciate the freedom that we hold dear and carry on the duty to protect it.
Honor history and learn from it, do not be ignorant of the facts and truth