Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A few random figures done!

Well, done for now...I may go back and add some more greenery later but for now they are ready for the table! Many of these have been done for weeks but I have been lax in taking and posting photos.

French LMG Team

French Artillery Crew or Observer for Mortar or Artillery.

Second LMG team.

Finnish SMGs

Finnish soldiers with anti-tank mines.

Hitler Youth


More Volkstrum and one girl wearing a League of Girls Uniform

More Volkstrum

And more...

More Volkstrum

More Volkstrum

And more...

Yikes! I have a lot!

German Political Officer

League of Girls Medic

Hitler Youth

More Hitler Youth! 

Another youth readies panzerfausts

another angle

Volkstrum fall in!

Hilter Youth defends their home!

Overall, these have been a blast to paint as each figure Volkstrum and Hitler Youth were all to me individual models with lots of character. I tried to vary my colors and yet keep a theme to them of a rag tag last Levy defenders. I am looking forward to throwing these children, old, infirm, women, injured soldiers and misfits that could not qualify for military service to the battlefield to test their mettle!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A new super arrives!

Purchased some figures from Mason over on Lead Adventure Forums! Great guy and is just learning the ropes but does a great job and picked a fine company to cast for him!

He sculpted Captain Mancave (for those of the children of the 70's and 80's, we know the truth!)

In any case case I always had some cool ideas to use the little boy that wanted to be a super hero from a charity sale on Lead Adventures....I love supporting good causes....

Please note this image is not mine but I wanted to show a nice painted example of the charity figure.

So, for my Misfits of Super Heroes this little boy with be able to transform into his favorite Saturday morning cartoon character when he taps his powers that allows him to transform reality. At this point he is young but could perhaps be one of the most powerful heroes in my universe and fluff. 

New Goodies Arrive!

Well, a new load of goodness arrived today for Bolt Action! I can't wait to start on these gems!

First the revamped Char 2C French Tank! 
A beaut and looks great with the remastered tracks!

Who could say no to new scenery?

Comes with barbed wire

The contents....straight forward and easy to assemble.

Polish Squad! Yay! Finally got a BAR gunner standing!

Polish Support Weapons: Sniper, Light Mortar and ATR

Polish Command squad - love the dog!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sometimes you just find that right T-Shirt!

I found this at JC Penny's while I was buying a pair of pants for work....it just screamed buy me and fits my attitude of super heroes.....or villain gaming....with supersystem 4 in the wings this just had to go into rotation!

Darkside August Tournament!

I took the Fins on the road with Chris with his US Marines to see how they would fair at Darkside. It felt good being able to focus on some games and less on Sarge work. I am glad Mike and I can alternate to take the weight off either of us to continually maintain events to prevent burnout.

After we met Ryan, Marco and John at Yoders for an insane breakfast (none of them had ever been there before) with some of the best breakfast you will ever have. Made form home cooked Amish food! And you think Chris and I go to tournaments to game? Bah!

We got the tables setup and ready for action, this was the first visit to the new Darkside store. Lots of nice space and packed by the end of the day!

Game 1 table  with Finns vs American Army 

The American player plots to hold back the white tide!

The battle unfolds.

Sniper, Heavy Mortar and Officer! Oh my!

Fins advance...

Game 2 vs John and his Americans

Darkside was filling with tables all over....Flames of War, 40k and Fantasy!

Jungle village table

My table for game 2...

Another table....

Another shot of of the snow table

Rumble in the jungle! Round 3 vs the Soviets

Fins fight back against the Soviet onslaught!

Brutal building to building fighting ensured!

Soviet tank creeps down through the town, hey are those Panzerfausts in that unit?

My first game against the Veteran American Army playing Envelopment. I took the attacker and made the Americans go on the offensive. When I won the roll off I had to think about this, sure the Fins would be better on the defensive but the Americans would be a pain on the offensive. So, I turned the tables and made my advantages for my army a strong point. I won the game by tabling him but it was a series of very good rolls that won it.

The second game was against John and his Veteran US army....This was the capture the 3 objectives and I opted for the defensive this time. Based on the scenario it would have been harder for me to take the objectives that John. The game ended up in a draw as we took turns shooting back and forth. The best classic was the air strike rolling a 1 and I got to jack up his Tank that was the nasty Sherman with the howitzer.

The last game was against Ryan and his Soviets. A brutal game here of hand to hand fighting between houses, tank  hunting and squads chasing one another around in the game. A great game and Ryan is a tough opponent. We ended in a draw with if it went another round Ryan would have taken that game home in a bag.

Playing Fins vs Soviets told me they got the mix right for Bolt Action as it made the game rough for both of us as our army benefits kicked in.

I took second just behind John with a few points shy, he won his last game which helped him in the end. A good win for John before he moved up to Georgia.

After the game we went to 5 Guys and chomped down on some burgers and fries with some after action discussion....

A good day of gaming! What could anyone ask for!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bolt Action League Nights

On average we have had about 4-8 players make it out to our league night every Wednesday. Here are a few shots of games in action....

BT-42 greets Soviet snipers...BOOM!