Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Bones are on the road!

Just got notice late yesterday my Reaper Bones Kickstarter is in the mail via UPS! A whopping 8.3 pounds of plastic goodness! Now to sort them, then trade off or sell what I don't want.

One of the big items I am looking forward to!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Random Updates on Projects

Well, this past busy has been busy with work and my birthday, then finding out Friday that they are doing cuts at work and (lucky me) I was one! So, I have 90 days now to scramble to find something or I will be offered some crappy job in the agency. Of course I had the offer for two job promotions but the pay would not be much more and I would have to relocate which isn't possible with my wife employment, our house and her parents getting older and needing someone around to lend a hand if possible. So joy! I am applying for two jobs tomorrow and I hope one perhaps pans out quickly and the stress will be gone and I can get back to painting. Right now I am unfocused as hell as I just am stunned by this course of crap again after I went through this just 2 years ago! ARGGG!!!!

Anyway here are a few things I have been dabbling with....

I sprayed the huts green with Army Painter Green

My birthday gift! a BF-109 German Fighter 1:48, almost perfect scale that I wanted to use for my landing field project. What is cool is most of it was prepainted and fairly easy to assemble. What was most interesting about this plane is it does not have the German national symbol on it at all. The British, American and Soviet planes all have the symbol but not any of the Germans (I checked online and on the box) strange. I could understand a swastika but the standard German national symbol? Really guys?

Helga by the plane, the cockpit is not attached yet as I have to paint the pilot and I am debating gluing the legs in place. Leaving them unglued allows me to fold them in for storage and does not risk breaking. If they are glued the plane is more stable and less likely to drop down if the gear moves out of place.

Some Medics I just finished. Just need to add some static grass to the base.

Another shot...

A prize sent to me from a contest. A quick rebase and touched up the helmet and it matched up nicely to the rest of my army!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Scenery Review: Quonset Huts Airfield Accessory Pack for Dust Tactics

I saw this a few months back and when I had a little credit on Ebay I found these at a good price and picked up a set for my Bolt Action Scenery. I had always fancied doing an "airfield" table and this would be a great addition!

The box in case you want to buy some for your table!

Simple parts: 6 hulls, 6 front and back. No spures to cut. There was a slight bit of cut edge on them where they was clipped from the sprue but it was very minor. A quick trim and done!

Assembly is easy as sliding the parts into the main body. I used glue to make mine more solid and durable. This is the front.

A rear image.

Helga posing outside the front for the boys!

Helga inside the hut. The amazing bonus was that the door opens and is built into the model. No work or assembly required!

The huts put together.

An example that they can be lined up into a larger hut to suit your purposes.

Overall I give this 5/5 stars as it assembles easy, looks great and the price if you shop around makes it very reasonable. A worthy addition to any gaming table!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Two Great Board Games on Kickstarter! Grab them while you can! Crossover Miniatures KS ends soon!

There are two great board games that are ticking down their last final days....

Guardian Chronicles:

This will be the game I will more than likely back, sadly I can't back both but the figures look cool, the concept appears similar to Zombiecide and there is already talk of a second expansion with new tiles and figures that combine together to make a large set.

The appeal to me here is the simple fact this is Super Heroes vs Villains in a modular format with multiple options for choices of figures giving you a variety of games to play and replay again as a bad guy, good guy and a totally different super team. The design is 2-5 players which is nice as often most games requires 3+. The Kickstarter is also loaded with freebies and bonus stuff which is appealing.

The best deal is the $160 option that gives you access to all the upgrades and the most value for your money.

The second game I would like to draw to your attention is:

Made by Sander Peterson that has made several board games prior and has a following. The KS is almost tipping a half a million dollars and has some amazing figures.

So far my only complaint is this is a huge money pit. To get the "sweet spot" you have to spend over $200, the basic $150 just gets you the game and no real other frills. Plus most of the unlocks are expansions that costs more money so they are just drilling you over and over for more cash until you credit card is maxed. Thank God I don't have one!

Still despite the money grub, the game concept looks fun and the models are simply amazing to a Lovecraft fan like myself.

As a final reminder we are in the last few days of Crossover Miniatures Kickstarter with their new Super Heros/Villains and Henchmen rollout for their second wave!


This Kickstarter is straight up and inexpensive! The multi head system is simply amazing and I enjoyed the quality of this company's products! Rusti has kept this a simple and easy campaign with little to no fuss or worries....pledge and sit back and relax! 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bolt Action Tournament: June 8th Awards!

Here are the award winners for the event!

Opening Award announcements! (yea I am fat!)

FUBAR Award Winner: Nickey Morgan

Nickey opening his classified document donated by Battlezone Games and the surprise within!

$100 store credit! Nickey had one draw and two losses and the lowest casualty numbers. Still, he came out on top due to bad on dice rolls and won the FUBAR award! He rolled a total of 3 the entire tournament!

Nickey chatting with the guys happy as a lark! He plans to bolster up those Germans! Look out  next time!

Dan Kelly took the Tank Killer Award with 3 Armor Kill!

Chris Young took Best Painted with his British Army.
Both British players was the top two scores for painting!

Andrew "Chuck" Norris was kicking ass the entire tournament with his British taking 2nd place to win the XO award! He scored the highest Casualty tally racking up 1766 points in three games!

Lee Coleman with his double tank US army won the day with a draw and two wins with the 3rd highest Casualty inflicted rate. He was neck and neck with the Soviet player Mike that determined the overall winner.

Dan won the Die Waffenkammer Tiger I (early war) in a drawing.

Tom Buxbaum picked up some Germans as a prize raffle award from Wargames Factory!

Mike Henre took home the Soviet Tank donated by 1st Corps!
Mike racked up the second highest Casualties Inflicted 1728 points in 3 games! Go Soviets!

Chris Young won the Chevy LRDG Truck donated by Offensive Miniatures! He was about to build a British 8th Desert Army and was excited by this draw!

Lee took home a nice $50 Gift Certificate donated by Dark Side Comics in Sarasota! I have known Brian a long time and runs a great shop and is a long time supporter of the gaming community.

Kevin Morgan snagged the other Die Waffenkammer Tank a Panzer IV G!

Dan also won a Steiner Iron Cross Blister from 1st Corps!

Andrew decided he needed some Americans to join his British troops! He won a Wargames Factory US American troops!

Tom also won the other Steiner Iron Cross blister from 1st Corps!

Dan already plots world domination with his new tanks!

Overall, everyone had a great time. The only dislike about the entire event was my choice of using Envelopment for the second mission that requires a serious revision of points. The tables looked great and IMO well balanced. We even was featured in two photos online for a paper and one of the pictures was in the paper on Sunday!

Everyone walked away with prizes. I was lucky this time as before I signed on with Warlord as a Sarge and they was an official supporter for the event  that I worked with other companies to have some bonus stuff to throw out as prizes as the entry fee was $20 in advance and $25 at the door for a single day. Part of the fee went to two great charities but I also wanted people to not only have 3 great games, meet new players and have a good time but feel like they walked away with something and happy.

Army breakdown was: 2 British, 2 American, 1 Soviet and 3 Germans for this round. We had a great variety in lists with no real duplicate lists or concepts.

I wanted to thank everyone that attended and I want to thank all the sponsors for the event making this event for Flordia successful and a blast. This event supported two great charaties The Spring of Tampa Bay and Autism Speaks!

Tampa Online and Photos of Bolt Action in the Local Paper!

The tournament got into the paper! Free PR for Warlord for Bolt Action!

Snagged the images off the website!

My friend Chris Young setting up his British army against Nickey's Germans.

Nickey and Chris in the early turns of the game.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Round 3: Bolt Action

Here are the shots going into the last round...everyone is having a great time. Only hitch is we had one young boy want to touch the other players models without asking permission.