Thursday, January 31, 2013

Post Apoc Theatre: Hell

Watched this while I was painting last night. It is the usual Post Apocalyptic movie in theme. I am not big on tipping off about the movie and would rather let someone draw their own opinions and enjoyment here is the basics....two sisters are traveling with another guy when they run into another survivor...they are of course in Europe and they are speaking German in the flick (the sub-titles was not bad) and had a fairly well paced plot that put them on a journey to find a source of water in the mountains after the Earth has turned into a living hell where the sun is either closer to the Earth or we are missing a great deal of our ozone layer causing mass droughts and UV burns to those exposed for too long. They really don't explain what happened much and really it wasn't key to the story, but rather about the two sister's after one is kidnapped by some bandits and the story takes a few weird twists and turns. This isn't Mad Max or anything, but a more realistic look at the human side of how humanity could become in a situation like this. You see each character change and grow slightly as it explores the question of humanity in a literal hell on Earth situation.

If you like this kind of thing, then you will enjoy it.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Just a few days left to enter!

Unless there is a good reason to extend the contest, it will end on the 31st of January!  With the winners walking away with goodies!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Old West for the New Year: Gamers Gold Giveaway and Contest!

Well, it is a new year and a fresh start! So, time for the Old West for the New Year: Gamers Gold Giveaway and Contest! I had hoped to do this a few months back around the blog birthday in October as well as hitting a landmark posting! 
Alas, things do not go as planned between the holidays and my mother went back into the hospital late November to have a tumor removed from the brain about the size of a small grapefruit. It has been a rough couple of weeks and a suck ass holiday season for me. I hate myself for being behind on projects including this giveaway that many kind people donated to. Still, the new year gave me a cool contest name excuse in any case!
I do want to give a huge thanks to:
Tri-City Laser Buildings (Check out Knuckleduster as their official retailer)
Knuckleduster (A maker of reasonable priced old west figs of great quality)
Rebel Miniatures (they make a little of everything!)
Check out their links that are on my blog as thanks!
I know, shut the hell up and tell you guys how to win some loot! So here are the rules!

  1. Be a follower to the blog and post up here you would like to enter the contest for the drawing. I will be giving away 3 $16 vouchers for Knuckleduster (that is enough for a free blister and shipping to most places or a nice discount on a larger item like a Tri-City Laser building) and a blister of Cowboys from Rebel Miniatures. That is 4 chances to win something! I will draw winners on February 1st!
  2. To win this nugget of a price: a Tri-City hotel you simply have to post up (with your entry to the drawing) a link to an Old West Article that you want to feature. The winner will be selected on February 1st!
  •  This can be from your blog or any other site. 
  • This can include rules/miniature/terrain reviews, how to paint, how to build or a game report of an Old West Game but not limited to (these are examples).
  • The key is it has to be something Old West to be a legal entry. Anything goes and Aces are wild! So dig up that gold for gamers!
The goal here is to promote anything cool for the Old West that others may not have seen before and expose people to new blogs that feature Old West material. Simply, I want to build up the Old West gaming community! I will collect the links and post them on a secondary page as some cool featured links for Old West gaming. Enjoy and good luck!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Bolt Action: Turning Japanese!

Bolt Action just put out their second PDF rules and this time it features the Japanese! BONZAI!

And now our musical guest star...the Vapors!

Flak in Bolt Action: All or nothing

Flak weapons can help shoot down enemy planes before they can make an attack run on your unit once they are called in by a Forward Observer. When building your army there are several things to consider:

Do you have enough Flak? It takes 6 “hits” from a Flak weapon to remove a plane from play once it arrives on the table and starts its attack in a target. Bear in mind because planes are “fast” you incur a -2 to hit right off the bat meaning you hit only on a 5 or 6 on the dice roll. This is not factoring in you may have the “long range” penalty (over half range) that could bump it to a 6 on a to hit roll. So, you are hitting on average 1 in 3 shots and perhaps as bad as 1 in 6 on average. Sure the dice gods can bless you or curse you further depriving you of a single 5 or 6 on your dice at that critical moment. Even a single Quad Autocannon with Flak in your army would hit at best 2 or 3 times on average. This is only about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way of taking down an enemy plane!

So, you have to consider adding in other weapons to your list to ensure that your Flak does its job against planes sticking with the laws of average above you would need 18 dice on average. Very daunting now to consider as a single quad AA can put 8 dice on the table, but you are limited in selections so you can’t stack up such weapons unless you use more than one platoon. So, you will either need to take up other slots with Flak such as MMG pintel mounted weapons (each MMG dishes out 4 shots so that helps stack up the dice quickly but the range is a bit more limited than an autocannon).

Also, you will have to factor in that you will take losses in the game, so what could be 18 shots could work up to 21 or more shots to ensure you have enough backup to cover any losses you have.

Now I will pause here to also remind readers that every hit with Flak reduces a hit by the aircraft so this works out between 1-5 (because at 6+ you have driven off/shot down the aircraft). Still, on average most strikes will be 3d6 hits with a smaller chance of 2d6 hits. The 2d6 is more appealing as you could cancel or reduce the hits down, while the 3d6 will be a bit more troublesome with higher rolls. Also note, you can half the total number of hits by taking a "down" action but then removes the unit as a threat for a turn as they are dealing with the down action order. This would be a last result and worst case scenario.

And as a side note, if you have Flak you should avoid using air support in your list if possible otherwise you could risk shooting down your own plane. It is a 50/50 chance that a standard unit could shoot at an aircraft on the same side; these odds get better with inexperienced and slightly worse with veteran units. Still, you can’t rely on that and hope the dice gods are good to you, that is just supplemental shooting more than anything to protect you from their own air strikes.

So, when playing keep an eye on your opponent’s list and learn what he has for Flak in the event he has air support. I assure you once this happens once or twice your opponent will avoid this early mistake in list building.

Unboxing West Wind: Tiger I and Wirbelwind kits!

Well, my FRP order has arrived and my two new vehicles are in and ready to join the ranks! At about $10-11 each when I caught them on sale this was a steal and I can live with the slightly smaller scale (1/48 if I am right about West Wind's scale).

Overall, the packaing was well done. Very display friendly for a shop but the Tiger kit was obscured by the bubble wrap which was around all the resin to prevent damage. When I opened the blisters there was a great deal of wasted space and I was a bit disappointed that the insert was just an ad for their other WW2 products, no instructions.

Tiger I  kit.

The Tiger I kit was well packaged and has only a few simple in assembly it seems with a few detail bits to add character. I have to admit my only disappointment to this was that the turret had some blue foam stuck to it. The tank body and turret both have a sticky film over it like the resin did not cure 100% or was not mixed right. I hope this clears up once I wash the resin after I get the rest of the foam off with a knife or file.

Wirbelwind Kit
The Wirbelwind was a plethora of parts as you can see above. What I did notice is the turret will go together easy enough but I still have a few issues with where some of the parts go. The quad guns are very thin and I had to bend them back into place (at least start) as they are very thin.  I may email West Wind to see if they have a PDF "how to" assemble this beast. This kit is full of detail, now I just have to figure out where it all goes!

The resin casting is pretty good for both, short of the gunk on the Tiger I there is some flash and excess resin that will have to be trimmed down but not too bad. The metal casts are fairly clean and appear to need only minimal cleaning to get ready.

New Supers for the Table!

My FRP clearance sale stuff showed and I started to get my supers ready for the next primer break in the weather here (raining right now).

This is the Reaper Rhinoix with a head swap (it is seperate in the blister) from the Crossover Miniature line Ram Jam and I have to admit it looks pretty damm cool.

Here is what the figure looks like from Reaper...

Group shot after adding them to bases and about to do the final cleaning.

Teaser shots of Unfinished Supers!

Here are a few supers I am just about finished with. Just need to touch them up and finish off the base work. Then label them (I plan to buy a small label gun to print their code names nicely on the base).

Crossover Miniatures: Ram Jam (Onslaught)

Reaper Minis: Zenith (Swiftwind)

Crossover Miniatures: Whiskers (with Fury head swap) (Larceny)

Superfigs: Tarantula (Twilight)

Reaper Minis: Sandwoman (Terra)

Black Cat Bases: Water Elemental (Undertow)

Pictures of finished Fallschirmjäger

With the camera dead, I had to resort to borrowing the wife's IPad to take some shots of my Germans, the photo's are not bad. I have more on the way.

LMG Teams

Panzerschreck Teams


3 LMG Teams

Sniper Team

Officer with STU44

Medium Mortar Team




Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A super day for painting and primer work!

Well, we have a rare nice day here in Florida and I took advantage of it.

I primered up:
2 Super Hero Figs
15 German Army Heer
15 FJ Germans
5 Pirates
9 Old West Tong

Many of these are either old unfinished projects or new stuff that I was waiting for bases. They rolled in this weekend and I was ready to primer once the cold and wetness got out of the air.

In other news I just about have 4 supers painted up and ready to base soon. Sadly I have to wait for pictures as the camera just died and we need to buy a replacement camera soon. Maybe soon.

Anyway, my goal this month is to finish the FJ off if possible and also start to get some of my supers painted along with some Chaos for 40k. Good to have goals!