Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fantastic 4 = Fantastic Fail!

Well, hit Red Box up for this movie last night, I could not stand the idea of paying full movie admission price to see this movie after all the things (and not the Grimm type) that I read about this.

Simply put, another Marvel Fail...the other two Fantastic Four movies was better than this. Why?

1) Before I go into my first gripe, I want to say  I am not racist, but I am a true to a concept and ideal.  One of the fastest ways to get under my skin is try to change a character to the point it is no longer the character of the original. In this case, the Human Torch. Why? That would be like taking Black Panther and making him a Hispanic or a white guy in Africa. The Fantastic Four has been the same since 1961, the formula works, why change it? Because you want to appeal to a broader base? Try to put an interracial family spin on it? If you want to do that, use an already established hero or create a new one, don't reimage something that should never be touched. To me this is like taking a classic book and totally changing the characters in it, you have strayed from what made it good.

2) The plot was weak....very weak. Compared to the last two, this was to me a little more than a young adult (tween) twist on the Fantastic Four instead of the adults that went into space and got their powers testing a new ship. Instead you hock up a bunch of crap about another dimension giving them their powers. *sigh*

3) Dr. Doom - WTF! What the hell! Serious, you took a great corner stone character and well turned it into a pile of garbage. The costume was horrible, looked like a bunch of tin foil glued on to the skin  with random crap. Also, giving him this "cosmic power"  of sorts from this other world? *BARF* Doom was science and magic....a unique blend that made him a stand our villain. Great job to the writers screwing this up!

4) The casting director - apparently like many of the cast from House of Cards on Netflix, my wife was quick to point this out. Guess he had a few debts they had to pay off. The acting was very weak, very weak.

5) Not ending up in the NYC Baxter building! Nuff said. Instead we plug them into working for the US government!

Can I say anything nice about it? The special effects were good...Wow, that is about all I can really say.

My advice, don't buy it unless it is in the bargain bin, rent it from Red Box. Wow, Marvel I guess needed a writer off movie. Marvel stick to Netflix and movies like Avengers, X-Men and Guardians....that is where your luck is.