Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dear Secret Santa...

Dear Secret Santa....

I've been a bad boy this year, I keep getting myself in over my head in my hobby!

Well, here is some stuff and ideas for you to shop over....

I have a variety of interests from Super Heroes. 1920's Horror (Cthulu), World War 2 (German, French and Finnish) tend to be top of the list.

Some sites that are in the US to help you shop and save money on shipping....

1) Reaper Miniatures Wish List:
Catus Joe, Gorilla Gunslinger
Wild West Wizard of Oz Scarecrow
Bonnie, Muuumuuu Zombie
03029: Sasquatch
Undead Outlaw
Evil Toys

Instead of Reaper's website you may want to hit this site:

They offer Free shipping on $25 and had a coupon code of for an additional discount! Use loyal2MG
It takes $2.95 off (if the coupon is valid).

2) RAFM Call of Cthulu Miniatures


7th Edition Call of Cthulu Miniatures:
Little Jimmy Burker, Gangster
Mi-go with Mist Projector (either)
Yithian with lighting Gun
Flying Polyp

Call of Cthulu Miniatures
Elder Thing
Leng Spider
Tcho Tcho

3) Super Figs - Old Glory


Doc Shock
Spine Strike
The Ox
The Siberian
High Gear

4) Crossover Miniatures


Ninja Boss - with cowl
Ninjas (4) - with cowl
Thug Leader - ski mask
Thugs (4) - Ski masks

5) French Foreign Legion in coats (winter style) (one of each pack is what I plan to buy at some point)


Figure that should be enough to let you go have some fun! Thanks and have a great holiday!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Product Review: Warlord Factory Set, Produce Set, Warehouse 1 and 2

The loot!

Factory 1 Bag weighs 1.21 pounds! (all resin)

Warehouse 1, right at .55 pounds! (all resin)

Warehouse 2 set, .26 pounds  (metal and resin)

Food Set weighs .22 (all metal)

Wire and wooden spools.

My worst complaint, the vent for the resin was a bad cast here.
Word of advice, clip down the middle and work your way in.
Clip a little each time, otherwise you will crack the resin like I did.
(had to fix mine with glue)

Pipe set, very heavy and nice!

Pile of lumber!

Wire spooled up

Another lumber stack

More pipes...

Crates from Warhouse 1

More from 1

Another batch!

And the last from 1

Metal boxes from Warehouse 2

Resin from Warehouse 2

Produce set (should have been Produce and Sea Food)

Baskets of goodies!

Crates of goodies


More fish and veggies!

About to start painting these up so look for finished photos soon!

Overall, each set is nice and works for many different games and times. For me this works for Super Heroes, Bolt Action, Strange Aeons, Old West and Pirates as well as Wasteland gaming.

Factory Set: Expensive, but you get a great deal of product for your buck. The only complaint I had is the tabs on the wire spools. The other stuff cleaned up with little to no effort. 4 out of 5 

Warehouse 1 Set: The second most expensive, but again tons of stuff for your money. A good buy. Easy to clean up. 4 out of 5 here,

Warehouse 2 Set: The metal mix is a bit odd, but the set is cheaper and nice. Not as highly recommended as the other set. 3 out of 5 here. Mainly due to metal and resin mixed and not as much cool stuff in this one.

Produce Set: Inexpensive, nice eye candy for the table when painted up. Easy to clean up and I am looking forward to this. 5 out of 5.

Monday, October 6, 2014

More Fins Finished!

Say that 5 times fast! Finally rolled a few more Fins out, still have a large pile sitting on the WIP tray but slowly going down. Oddly, the models are growing faster than I can paint!

Need to touch up the bases again and get the snow that is hanging around the edge but no biggie right now. It is for those lazy nights I don't do anything else.

Converted Panzerfaust amred Fins

My second Flamethrower team

Tank Hunters

More Tank Hunters

Converted Engineers to be more tank hunters


More SMGs

Even more SMGs!

SMG and Rifleman

Friday, October 3, 2014

Bolt Action: Last Night of Gaming League

Last night of League not many guys made it out but we had a fun time blowing up armor!

Bolt Action: Tank Wars Battles at Darkside

Sept. 20th was the Tank event for Darkside to host. Had a blast playing the French and eating at Yoders for breakfast and dinner at 5 Guys!