Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veteran's Day!

Best wishes to all that have served and thank you for everything!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dear Secret Santa

Well, Catherine has dropped the names and the links, so on with the show! So, what ideas to toss out to my Secret Santa?

My blog is all over the place, I do love WW2, but I also frankly have a good bit of stuff, perhaps more than I can deal with now. So having other problems would be better!

Short list items that I could suggest:

1) RAFM Call of Cthulu Line - I am playing Strange Aeons now, so there are some figs in the line I am interested in:

Crazed Clergy
Tentacle Man
Great Race of Yith
Servitor of the Outer Gods
Flying Polyp
Elder Thing
Lesser Other God
Y'Golonac Great old one
Leng Spider

2) There is also the Dr Who miniature game about to be released by Warlord, I have no figs as of yet, I know Black Tree Designs has a Dr Who line I have looked at as well as Crooked Dice, there are some other companies, always been a fan and looking forward to the new game. Not real picky on any particular figs....

3) I am also a huge super hero fan, there are a bunch of figs in the Supersystem line that I would love to collect still. I know Old Glory sells them and there are other companies out there that retail them as well. Here are a few I want:

Emerald Alien
Mistress Nightmare
Spine Strike
The Siberian
Stone Flower
Mecha Samurai
Devils Night  Henchmen
Elasi Ape
Gibbon Glider
High Gear
The Glock Roach
Elasti Woman
Ape Austin

4) Crossover Miniatures makes some figures I have yet to add, most are the minions mostly but there are some great options here and I always love to send Rusty some customers.

Ninja Guard (cowl)
Ninja Boss with Gun (cowl)
Ninjas with Weapons (4) (cowl)
Thug Leader (ski masks)
Ninjas (4) (cowl)
Thugs (4) (ski masks)
Ninjas with Guns (4) (cowl)

5) Other Cthulu items and misc items are in the Reaper Miniatures Range, a good company I can recommend is Miniature Giant, they discount their Reaper stuff and I have dealt with them many times.

Crosswire (Super Villain)
Jake Ryan (Hero Explorer)
Zombie Boss with Chainsaw
Lab Mutant
Vermina, Rat Queen
Agetha Fox, Female Spy
Astrid Berger, Cold War Spy
Mega Mutant
Weapon Pack III
Buck Fannin, Cowboy
Bonnie, Muumuu Zombie
Max Graves, Pulp Era Investigator
Wild West, Wizard of Oz Scarecrow

Looking forward to seeing what my, chosen gent or lady will be for me to buy for!