Friday, March 28, 2014

Painted: Early War French - Dragons Portes

Finished painting the last of the French I have until some new orders without further wait the Dragons Portes! I have a truck in the works next to go with them....

The squad.

LMG Team

Duplicate Riflemen

Rifleman down.

Crouching Rifleman

My favorite two poses....

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Opel Blitz (aka Bitch) Review

I call this kit the Opel Bitch because it was just that. A pain in the ass to assemble and with some problems. As you can see by the diagrams. On the flip side, it is also a well detailed kit, perhaps a bit too much detail.

The stick shifts was a pain in the ass to insert. The headlights and the radiator valve was annoying.
The top of the cab and the doors was a real charmer. 
You had to file the doors down and add filler to fix the cracks.

I have to fix that one light on the right. Grrrr

The resin bed was warped and I had to bend it to the point it cracked to get everything to fit.

Review: Tabletop Workshop: Medieval Chapel

I bought the Medieval Chapel with some pause to give it a try to see how this new line of buildings would fare. I must say right off the bat, this was a sweet model kit. It was like a snap, click and done. Took a few minutes, no glue really. It does state you can glue the parts in if you want.

I give it the following marks:
Assembly: 10/10 Fast
Detail: 8/10 Detail is basic, but good, no flash only small clip points from te sprue.
Price: 9/10 Due to the ease and quality mixture. A time saver.

The box

Inside, compact and trimmed off sprues. Easy to clean just one clip spot.

First step, front and back.

Click the sides on.

A French WW2 figure for reference.

Another shot.

Another side.

Another side.

A shot of the door, 1/56 is the scale of the building.

Inside detail.

More interior shot.

The roof sections just click together.

Monday, March 24, 2014

More loot! Whoot!

Well, a box was at the house full of goodies! What a nice ending to a Monday! 

The pile!

Soviet and German Heavy Mortars. The Soviet one was for my Fins, turns out I could have bought two German instead and got bonus extra models. The Soviets may be trade items.....oh well.

Gorilla Gangster was what I ordered. They shipped me the two pack with the Werewolf! Whoo!

Finnish tank and infantry markings.

4Ground Wagon

German Attack Bike

Opel Bliz!

Tabletop Workshop Medeval Chapel
I have to say this kit really impressed me. Well thought out and detail on the inside and out.

Nice detail with the Ramshackle Barn it does lack some detail on the inside.
I should be able to add some nice detail.

A French plane for my Early War French Army!

Friday, March 21, 2014

More Early War French Done!

Well, managed to knock out a few more French for my Early War army....I feel I am getting down the final items to be ready to hit the table soon! Whoo!


Rear shot and arm band. May touch up the arm band but this is also a bad angle shot.


Showing his case for his binoculars.

Officer with SMG

Officer with captured MP40


Light Mortar Team Moving


Ammo Carrier


Rear Shot

Groupe Franc Squad

LMG team prone.


LMG and Pistol Loader



FW-190 Focke-Wulfe 
My other one was stolen when I left it at the shop. 
Fucking honor these days.
Still, I got this for $8.99 on clearance at Hobby Lobby