Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My hands have not been idle!

Well, I have been lazy posting but I think the break did me some good. I had time to work on some various projects that I wanted to get caught up on and also a wave of Kickstarter goodies arrived!

On with the show!

To start the show, my Pool House by Impudent Mortal. 
Just primered it today and will need another round, but the 
Black Mask gang is ready to move in already!

My new entry into mini gaming, Batman.

Another angle. This will be an ideal spot for Supersystem or Batman games as well as Judge Dredd,

Another angle.

A final shot, I have to glue some items in and paint the pool as well as peel the protective paper off the windows and doors as well as paint the garage doors.

Next round is a stable by Impudent Mortal. I fought as to what color to paint it so I opted with the oxide red and the trim will be in white. 

Side shot.

Stables, I plan to add some straw to add to the detail also. This will be nice for a variety of games from WW2, Strange Aeons and perhaps even Supersystem or Batman,

The Black Mask gang checks the stalls to find a good bet at the next race!

Warehouse by Impudent Mortal. Going to keep the colors limited and keep it on hand for both WW2, SuperSystem, Batman and perhaps even Judge Dredd.

Rendera Church....going into Strange Aeons as a defiled church

Riverboat by Angry Mojo. Again, going with a simple color choice but doing some extras to make it nice. This will no doubt find its way into STrange Aeons.

I added windows. 

The Black Mask gang scopes out the gambling options to cut in on.

Tank Factory by Sarissa. Just have some painting to finish up and also I wanted to build some extras to go inside like some Soviet Tanks in progress.

Billboards from my Kickstarter by Impudent Mortal.

Garbage skips by Impudent Mortal. I plan to fill these with junk and trash.

One of the sewer lids.

Smaller garbage dumpsters.

Small barricades.

Large barricades.
New city buildings by Angry Mojo. The Black Mask gang are checking out the new buildings. They just got a coat of primer and a quick second color spray. I plan to detail the inside and add some windows to the building for more detail.

Tossed the billboards on the buildings to show how two companies stuff mix.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Movie Thoughts: Mad Max - Fury Road

Image result for mad max fury road

So, my friend Chris and I watched this Thursday night and I have to say meh, I am not sure why people are all hyped about this movie. It was ok, but it was the same gags over and over, the plot was very weak, the acting wasn't even that great....I just expected more from Frank Miller, I have read his comics, graphic novels and books as well as his movies and wow, he must be slipping in his old age.

If you have not went to see it, save it for a matinee, DVD rental from Red Box or a discount movie theatre. I think that is what is is really worth, the movie did have lots of eye candy with crazy vehicles and situations, it just went over the top in repeating the same thing. Yea, Road Warrior was the same way but there were way points and plot pacing that was much better than this go round. I hope for better things with the next two movies.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Games and Gears Table Section 1

Well, I have been quiet (aka lazy) among being sick and involved in a variety of things....so to kick off I will start with some eye candy.....

I got my Games and Gears Hawk 28mm Board, the bad news was that many of the boards had imperfection issues, so Games and Gears is working to fix the issue. I give them credit, they promptly followed up on my contact with them on Facebook and made sure to show them what went wrong in the process so they can fix future problems.

I finished the first board section last night out of 6 and tonight I staged up a few shots using some minis and some scenery. Overall, I love the boards and can't wait to get my replacements. Until then I am going to experiment with the old ones to see how some tricks turn out. I figure once I am done I may donate the bad board sections to a LGS that will appreciate them.

Quick overall shot.

Velocity takes on Pyre and her deadly flame powers.

Crackshot setups behind the fountain.

Larceny taunts the heroes from the Gazebo.

Arrowhead and Diva take action.

Steadfast vs Onslaught who will be left standing?

Flight shot from above!