Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Crossover Miniatures Kickstarter - UFO Squads/Aliens

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Prepare to get your wallets probed boys and girls! Rusty is back with some unique twist on his usual offerings. While not my cup of tea I may still dive in but I can say Rusty does a bang up job on delivery and the quality he maintains for his product is outstanding!

Ramshackle Robots Kickstarter! Don't miss out!

Great price for custom robots! Yea, pick your legs, heads, torso and weapons! Go to town to make those unique robots for any game! I plan to use them in Judge Dredd and Supersystem 4!

The creator just threw in a bonus robot with every pledge! Crazy!

Tanks of Manchuria KS ends soon!

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Don't miss out on this great KS by Trenchworx, the company makes great models and excellent service. The sweet spot of $75 gets you 3 vehicles of your choice and all bonus perks...including objective markers, damage tokens, coasters and more!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Giveaway by Don't Throw a 1!

Check out the great blog and the crazy giveaway that is going on!

I know I have been quiet the past few weeks but I have been working on my hobby and doing a variety of other goodness more to come!