Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Next up on the Supers Workload!

Well, Monday some new figures showed that I ordered..on with the show!

Well, who could turn down a henchmen group of 5 Hammer Drones?

I love the transparent colored minis....here you can see a few

Power armor choices. I loved Rocket Red with a blast and sensor map.

One of the best Kung Fu types the other guy is great for one of my other teams the Misfits.

A female speedster, cheap and needed.

A few more, of course who could say no to a Union Jack shirt for united Alliance. The Starman was nice.

A cool psychic, a last of 5 Mandroid and Killer Frost for another ice girl.

The work pile...two rows n the right are painted. Everything else is WIP

More stuff..


I have to buy some of the larger two bases for some of the figs but otherwise everything else is on track!
The goal is t be ready for Supersystem 4 when it rolls out and the the city table that I also got in a Kickstarter.

Oh Osprey how I love thee!

Like a cannon shot this came to my attention!

Osprey Publishing: On the Seven Seas, Piracy Rules

Northstar Miniatures: On the Seven Seas is a set of wargaming rules covering the high adventure and low morals of the world of the pirate. Due for Release Summer 2014.

The rules cover licensed privateers such as da Gama and Drake, ruthless pirates of the Spanish Main, Blackbeard, the Barbary corsairs, the wako of the Far East, not to mention the anti-pirate squadrons, Spanish garrisons and native warriors from around the world that found themselves at odds with generations of sea-borne reavers. The focus of the game is on boarding actions and the exploits of pirate crews on land, and the rules offer a quick-to-learn, basic game based around individual characters and small units of rank-and-file. Most games will run to some 30 figures a side, although larger games are possible, and tribal forces especially will consist of more models. 

Gameplay centers around two driving motivations that epitomize the pirate life - Fear and Greed. Cunning captains will have to balance these two elements, instilling fear in their opponents with bloodthirsty reputations, while keeping their own crews in line with the promise of loot and wealth. Captains and crew are not just distinguished by these two ratings, however - skills, characteristics and disadvantages can dramatically alter a character's abilities, and allow for the development of characters over time. The rules also contain maneuver and gunnery rules for ship-on-ship combat. This is not a game of mass naval actions, but of small, personal duels between determined captains. Caravels, sloops, schooners, native canoes, junks and square-rigged ships up to frigate size can be deployed in the pursuit of a prize... or a pirate vessel. 

Varied scenarios and a detailed campaign system allow players to develop the stories of their crews, with scenarios determined either randomly, by player choice, or by the progression along a sample campaign path. Elements of a more fantastical nature, such as ghost ships, sea creatures and the strange powers of native mystics, may also be included to present pirate crews with very different challenges. The crews themselves may be drawn from a number of different options, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, and a points system is provided to produce balanced forces. Crew options include: Conquistadors, Spanish and Portuguese garrisons and treasure escorts, Naval pirate hunters, natives from the Americas, Africa, Indonesia and the South Seas, and pirates from around the world - Europe, North and West Africa, China, Japan and Indonesia.


I have been wanting to see a good set of pirate rules I really like. GW Historical had a good simple rule book for Legends of the High Seas, but alas they got rid of the game and no longer support it. I do own the book and loved the materials within. I've looked at various other systems but nothing has sparked my interest until now....this excitement is based simply on the success of In Her Majesty's Name and Ronin that this tells me that if they drop low cost, decent quality rules I will be a happy camper! I can't wait! Time to paint up my booty of pirates and get ready!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Harold Ramis dies at 69, a Legend is gone!


RIP my friend! Thanks for the great movies!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Heroes and Villains on parade! Some new and some old ones redone! Stay tuned true believers as late on I will feature a bio on each hero, their powers and detail the teams

Pyre and created Fire Elemental



Copy Cat






Gun Monkey




Dixie Pixie






















Monday, February 17, 2014


Well, the first 59 at least! My goal when I painted them was to capture the dirty aspect of being in the snow, could have gone a bit more in depth and may toy with the dirt more at a later date. For now, I like how they turned out.

The painting style I will post up later but was pretty much what was posted on the Baker Company Forums with some liberties taken on color choices based on what I had. The choices of gloves and boots was intended to give the Finns that rag-tag feel of holding the line against the Soviet horde. So, you will see variations of color on gloves, boots and hats as well.....I tried to keep to a 2 or 3 color choice to keep things simple but enough to create variety!

4 laying down, crawling...



Standing LMG

Laying down LMG, I had to use the bushes to conceal a break on the weapon barrel.

Officer with assistant. I plan to use the officer as an observer and the guy to the left is a unique pose that will act as the officer with a rifle.

Medic (left) with rifle and the White Death Himself (the only non-Baker Company so far)

White Death detail....very nice work by Warlord.

The Medic with a rifle? Really? The Soviets don't play fair. 
I see him as a two for one, a poor man's sniper and a medic for a low price and extra draw dice.

The Back, going to repaint the cross, must have been tired or something. I went with the black bag instead of the green to give the feel that he may have been a doctor or med student before the war.

Finnish SMGs

Close up...still need to dust some snow off...

Standing SMGs.


This was converted from the NCO that is waving his men forward. 
Simply, I filed down the figure around the arm join.
I used the SMG right arm from the German plastic range by Warlord.
Glued it on, filled it in, added a Panzerfaust! Done!

Side shot...

Back side...

One waving the others forward...

6 advancing Finns....at ease I guess..

Close up...

6 Finns working their bolt action rifles.

Close up.

Advancing Finns.

Among the boys....

Finns shooting....


Riles with fuzzy hats kneeling.

Close up

Finns kneeling cocking rifles with hoodies.

Finnish Soldier waving the men forward. NCO

2 Finns shouting orders.

Close up...

Advancing Finns

Close up....

Advancing Finns with hoodies...

Wonder if he shops at North Face?

More running Finns!

Must be trying to catch snowflakes?

The guys with eye wear....

close up....