Saturday, May 19, 2012

A historical outing today with the wife.

While my hobby slacked I had a great day out with my wife. We stopped at the Humming Bird festival at Dade City held at the Pioneer Museum. This was just a little of this and that historical stuff but it was interesting to see items dated back to the 1800's and after up through the years including WWII and the Cival War....I always love to look at history and objects lost in time....

Then we took a trip over to the Mummies of the World exhibit that is in Tampa until September. Simply worth the money to go see. The things I saw and such was simply amazing and educational.

Here is some shots of the early part of the day, sorry folks MOSI would not allow photos to be taken in the main exhibit.

News paper clips of WWII

Another news clip from a paper!

A cool ship on display from long ago.

The first Pasco County School Bus.

A cool buggy...

A moonshine still display!

While we did not see a humming bird at the festival, we did see some butterflies including this guy (or gal) hitting the flowers up. We also learned about bats at a session, my wife was against a bat house and now she is a bit more open now that she does not think they will fly up and bite here when she walks outside.

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