Monday, October 6, 2014

More Fins Finished!

Say that 5 times fast! Finally rolled a few more Fins out, still have a large pile sitting on the WIP tray but slowly going down. Oddly, the models are growing faster than I can paint!

Need to touch up the bases again and get the snow that is hanging around the edge but no biggie right now. It is for those lazy nights I don't do anything else.

Converted Panzerfaust amred Fins

My second Flamethrower team

Tank Hunters

More Tank Hunters

Converted Engineers to be more tank hunters


More SMGs

Even more SMGs!

SMG and Rifleman


  1. Very nice!
    I like the crouching figure with the Panzerfaust in particular

  2. That one was an easy conversion. The model was in two parts, the right arm waving forward and the rest. So, I added a plastic German arm from Warlord and the panzerfaust. Cleaned up the join and he was ready to go.

    The other guy was both simple and a pain. The hand was cut off, a spare plastic German hand was added then then panzerfaust was glued in.

  3. That's a fine fettle of Fins you've got there.

  4. Whats the weapon of right guy on "More Tank Hunters" pic?

    1. A log, I should highlight it some to add more depth.