Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Games and Gears Table Section 1

Well, I have been quiet (aka lazy) among being sick and involved in a variety of things....so to kick off I will start with some eye candy.....

I got my Games and Gears Hawk 28mm Board, the bad news was that many of the boards had imperfection issues, so Games and Gears is working to fix the issue. I give them credit, they promptly followed up on my contact with them on Facebook and made sure to show them what went wrong in the process so they can fix future problems.

I finished the first board section last night out of 6 and tonight I staged up a few shots using some minis and some scenery. Overall, I love the boards and can't wait to get my replacements. Until then I am going to experiment with the old ones to see how some tricks turn out. I figure once I am done I may donate the bad board sections to a LGS that will appreciate them.

Quick overall shot.

Velocity takes on Pyre and her deadly flame powers.

Crackshot setups behind the fountain.

Larceny taunts the heroes from the Gazebo.

Arrowhead and Diva take action.

Steadfast vs Onslaught who will be left standing?

Flight shot from above!


  1. I think it looks really nice. The brick edging ties in well with the brick roof of the Gazebo. The figures look great as well. All in all, a very nice board.

  2. Great looking pieces of terrain!

  3. Looks like a fun set up. Lovely pics!