Sunday, October 23, 2011

Painting Update

My apologies on not posting sooner, I have a ton of material to post up but just little time to organize it as of yet.
Well, been painting on the Knuckleduster Minis for about two weeks now. Things slow down at times due to various things going on but so far everything is progressing at a good pace. Sometimes I wish there was more time and I had a bit more energy to put into painting that I do.

The  bases need to be finished and some of the eyes I need to finish up but that is minor detail work for later.

Bandito with repeating rifle.

Bandito with two pistols.

Drunk Bandito

The head Bandito!

Bandito with pistol.

Bandito with repeating rifle.

The Banditos "Friends of the Red Devil"

Figure from the Cowtown Chaos with Repeating Rifle.
Calling him "Buckskin Bob"
I think this is Texas Jack or Billy Thompson from the set.


Bass Reeves, little known but decorated black US Marshall

Lawman with repeating rifle.

Lawman running with pistol.

Native American Lawman

Group shot of the Marshall's

Belle Star from the Women of the Gun set.
Going to call her "Scarlett Belle"
Armed with a repeating rifle and pistol.

Granny Mae with shotgun.

Soiled Dove with concealed derringer.

Native American Princess with pistol.

Female Anti-hero.

The ladies in a group.

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