Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Welcome Ya'll

Welcome to “Dice at High Noon” this blog is dedicated to miniature gaming in the Wild West era using a range of 25mm to 28mm models. My primary focus is in Warhammer Historical:  Legends of the Old West but the information contained within this blog could be applied to other Western themed miniature games with minimal work.

Preview of things to come:

  • Advice on how to build, organize and run your posse during a campaign LOTOW.
  • Scenery and Terrain to the Wild West theme that I am building.
  • Painting Features of models that I am going to paint.
  • Model review from various companies that make Western models.
  • Battle Reports of games played.
  • House rules for new Trading Post gear.
  • House rules for new Hired Guns.
  • House rules offering a new skill chart.
  • New scenarios to play.
  • Links to various companies that make Wild West miniatures.
  • Links to other websites that offer additional information to the hobby.
  • Inspiration for ideas for the hobby.

My goal here is to entertain you and help enjoy your miniature gaming experience. I hope that I don’t disappoint your expectations. If you have comments, suggestions or feedback feel free to post here or drop me an email. Make sure if you do email me that you put a header in the email to ensure I read it, otherwise I may consider it junk mail!

If you happen to manufacture any 25-28mm Western figures, contact me if you want to sponsor this page!

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