Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A few new faces....

Last of the Outlaw Gunmen

Lawman from Cowtown Chaos

The last Lawman from the Marshall set from Knuckleduster.

So far I have the following painted and done from Knuckleduster:

1) Earps (everything but the wounded figure), Doc and Behan
2) Banditos
3) Gunmen (Outlaws)
4) Woeman of the Gun
5) US Marshalls

Status on other sets:
1) Cowtown Chaos: 5 out of 6 painted.
2) Cowboys: 2 out of 6 painted.
3) Sidekicks: 1 out of 6 painted.
4) Heroes: 0 out of 6 painted.
5) Marvelous Seven: 0 our of 7 painted.

My goal is to push through the Cowtown Chaos, Cowboys and Sidekicks next. The Heroes and Marvelous Seven are some of my favorites and I want to take some time to look at pictures online to make sure I can paint them close to the actual character.

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