Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last of the Knuckleduster Minis are done!

Well, not totally done. I have to go back and finish the eyes and the bases.

Here is the last 3 of the Magnificent 7 or rather by Knuckleduster the Marverlous Seven.

At this point I am looking at a few different companies to round out each faction. Short of the Lawmen that have a good selection. I want to buy some extra Banditos (mainly with pistols) from Brigade. Some extra models to the Outlaws and the Cowboys would be a nice rounder for those two groups. After that, I am thinkin of just a few extra models to plug in as hired guns and Citizens then. There are tons of other figures I would love to collect but I am trying to get my list to the items that I most would rather have now.

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