Friday, December 2, 2011

Time for a few changes...

Well, since I am now getting into Warhammer Historical Gladiator as well as Legends of the High Seas along with Legends of the Old West that I should revamp the blog to accomodate all of the different aspects of the hobby instead of having multiple blogs dedicated to each.

I just ordered my copy of my Legends of the High Seas and should be in my hands within a few days. I also found about 8 old Foundry Miniatures before they revised their packages to the 6 piece sets. Already I have started research to scratch build a ship and started to shop various retailers for pirate miniatures.

Picture of the base of my ship.
Picture of the pirates in the hull area.
Side shot of the ship.
Picture of the old pirates I had stored away.

As for Gladiator I have most of my order ready to place and should end up with at least two Gladiators of each type and have about 1/3 of the animals featured in the book on what I think is the best savings per figure that I could get.

Next up in Legends of the Old West, so far after I finish the last of the Knuckleduster miniatures I am slowly checking over my models as to what I need to round out each faction that I have and what to start on next.

Scenery is also going to be key for all these games and I have already started plans to make a few things.


  1. Looking good!! The ship looks excellent too!

  2. Thanks Ray, based on the Legends book this will end up being a larger medium class ship when I get finished. It started as something I bought long ago at Michael's (craft store) and planned to convert it into an Undead ship for Warhammer Fantasy several years ago. It went into my scenery box and sat until now.

    It was a rowboat style shelf that you paint yourself and hang on the wall. I had to rip a few parts off that I didn't like and will have to fill and sand the front there to clean it up. What I like about this option is I can have "below" deck sections.