Monday, February 27, 2012

Black Cat Bases

Here is some shots to accompany my prior review of various companies I just ordered from, here is some shots of Black Cat Bases figures and some overview on packaging and such...

My shipment, sleek packaging.
If I was a retailer, I would like this as it is a real space saver.

Freebie they send out with your order, a nice touch.

Some shots of the packages.

Black Cat Female Captain against a Foundry Pirate

Details of the build your own pirate pack. Mine had a small mispack and they kindly sent me replacement parts.

Two Black Cat Figures to the left and two Foundry Pirates to the right to see how they size up.

Another close up to another Black Cat with the same pirate from Foundry I used before.

Overall, Black Cat is a tad larger, but not by much and works well with the Foundry pirates that I have picked up. 

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  1. That's really useful. I have often wondered about buying from Black Cat and this has helped me bear them in mind for future pirate purchases!