Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lawmen Rules of Conduct (LOTOW Players Guide)

At a glance, the Lawmen hands down have access to the posse with the best Shootin’ stat in the main rules. Out of all the supplements only the Texas Rangers and the US Infantry posse can put more men on the field that are superior shots. The major problem with the US Infantry is that you have to arm the henchmen with rifles so that makes them get rather expensive quickly. Second, this is the only posse in the core rules that can have a LeMat pistol or a derringer as options at the start.

Check your guns here:

Sheriff & Deputies:  Hands down, you should have at least one LeMat pistol in your posse. Who would not want a heavy pistol and a sawed off shotgun? Yes please! After that you should consider a repeating rifle if you don’t take a LeMat. You could opt to take a sixgun as a backup for either if you have some extra $ or a hand weapon and in these cases only the sheriff should have this.

Upstanding Citizen: A 5+ Shootin’ isn’t that great. So, keep it simple! A sawed off shotgun or a sixgun is your best choice. Either a blast template that does not require skill or the sixguns to fan your shots to ensure you get one hit before you’re a target.

Vigilantes:  Shotguns, Rifles and Pistols are to order here. Depends if you want range, stopping power or on a budget. Take what will fit your model options and posse concept.

Gathering a Posse:

 Two types of posse setups come to mind when I look at this list:

1)      Range Riders

Sheriff Lematt Pistol or Repeating Rfile $44
Deputies x2, Lematt Pistol or Repeating Rifle $68
Vigilantes x5 Sixshooters $85

Concept here is simple, everyone in the posse has a 4+ shootin’ stat, you can either build a list heavy on pistols and the scattershot option of the Lematt or the range ability of a repeating rifle backing up your Viglanties as they protect the heroes from anyone getting close.

2)      Scattergun Rules

Sheriff: Letmatt Pistol or Repeating Rifle $44
Deputies x2: Lematt Pistol or Repeating Rifle $68
4 Upstanding Citizans with sawed off shotguns $88

In theory if you take the Lematt pistols on all three heroes you can have a total of 7 scatter templates to hose your opponents with. Bear in mind shotguns use the “two barrel” rule also, so that’s two shots per shotgun unless you fire both at the same time!

3)      Hammer of Justic

Sheriff:  Repeating Rifle $44
Deputies x2: Repeating Rifle $68
Vigilantes x3: Rifles $75
Upstanding Citizen: Six-shooter $12

What you have here is a long ranged posse that nobody is going to want to get in range of. Sniper your targets and keep in cover. The Citizen is optional and is more or less there to give you an extra body and can fan a six-shooter if something gets too close and the rifles have other work to do. You could save the cash to buy another Vigilante after your next game.

A word about hired help (guns):

Your posse is limited to 12 models unlike others that can have at least 15 (Cowboy and Outlaw) thus leaving you extra room to take on much else. Once you have 3 Heroes and 5 Vigalanties you just have enough space for 4 Upstanding Citizens to squeeze in after that.

The Lawmen is the posse that could do without Hired Guns unlike other groups. Unless you just want to put some overkill on the table, you would really only need to consider a specialist like the Explosives Expert or Prize fighter for example. To bring something unique to the group that would round it out.

Support Guns as I call them are a bit more useful for you and choices you can take could influence your posse in the campaign.

Campaign play:

Develop up your Henchmen into heroes when possible to ensure they are more likely to survive each game. Hired guns should only be taken when you need a critical boost to a specific development plan or style of play you’re going for. I also feel that Upstanding Citizens should only be taken once you max out your number of Vigilantes in your posse. So, depending on you’re the build you go with you want to round out the other to bulk up your numbers.

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