Thursday, April 18, 2013

Robotech Tactics Kickstarter has Launched! The Invasion has begun!

Just a heads up, Robotech Tactics Kickstarter started today! They hit $70k in under a few hours and sold out of the early bird deals! The models look sweet! Last I looked they was screaming towards $100k (I bet within the next two hours that I get home and log on.)

I was lucky and got one of the $70 early bird deals!
Man, there is some amazing stuff in this set and the first add on is about to be unlocked and the next bonus goal for freebies are on the way! 
Already looking at getting the Rick Hunter kit and perhaps a second Battlepod 
(the officer one makes a Recon pod also it seems) 
I also plan to use some magnets to interchange out the mecha options for the Destroids.


  1. I can't do it, I can't and you know why I can't? Because the Drake Kickstarter that I got into is about to fund and I've "neglected" to tell The Hubby about it. Yeah, and I bought more there than I've ever bought anywhere else, even Knuckleduster.

    1. I am with you Anne, I have not told my wife I pledged today but I also don't know what I will spend in the end until the time is done. I do want more but I am also basing my pledge on my allowance of fun money we both get...I am trying to sell some stuff off but not sure how well that is going to be. I figure this weekend some Ebay stuff will be launching for a week. I figure I will target perhaps 10-20 items and hope something sells!