Friday, April 19, 2013

Robotech Tactics Kickstarter- Kicking Ass? Or Kicking your Ass?

Well, so far they have rolled $200k in two days, very impressive but I think the steam is going to falter soon from the KS and they are not going to be nowhere successful as Reaper was with theirs?

Why? Well, first I invested in the First Contact Set for $70, regular $80 but I lucked out and got the "early bird" called Boobytrap.....yea, that is a fitting name. I feel like a boob now! So far, two "free" upgrades have happened and well they are for the levels above the First Contact only. So, if you invested in the lowest of the sets, your screwed....they don't care you get reward for your loyalty.

I was really hyped about this project and VERY disappointed by this revaluation today. I have waited over 6 months for this to launch, looked at the minis with thumbs up approval, told friends via word of mouth, posted on Lead Adventure Forums, posted on two YAHOO groups to name a few things to spread the word about this cool Kickstarter. Now, it isn't so cool in my eyes. Why? Because I am not getting any of the FREE perks when they hit their goal, have to pay $140 to get that reward, That sucks as if I do upgrade to that I rob myself of the upgrades I would rather purchase with my very limited funds. I do mean very limited as my wife is trying to reduce our debt to nothing  if possible, so this means very limited free resources to blow on enjoyable things. All I can say is THANKS FOR SCREWING US! Yea, me and all the other backers at this level!

I understand also that molds cost money but really you have cleared $200k in two days, you have funding to make molds and could afford to give away some rewards and encourage people to want to invest more. Reaper Bones was all about that, on average they gave out two freebies and then a paid award most of the time then cycled back, here is is every other and only for the elite levels. I double this KS will make it to $4k which is a disappointment as the out of the box looked like they could roll over a million but I guess the idea of not rewarding people and encouraging investment was insane concept. Worked for Reaper....Ninja should borrow a page from their playbook.

My rant is over, I am happy about the project getting love....I am just not happy about how they screwed the little guy.


  1. I will not be taking part in this KS. Yes I do like Battletech and Robotech and other giant robot games. The problem comes from the postage rates I would have to pay on top of the pledge and then I may still have to pay a customs duty to the government as well.

    So these hidden costs are killing it for me. Rant over!

    1. Yea the rates overseas and any taxes does hurt investors overseas. Still, if you get something you want and if there is enough perks it could be worthwhile. I figure the KS prices are not going to be the retail ones so they could be higher.