Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Salty Bay Con Tournament Rundown

We had 8 players so; my French was off the hook as the ringer for this event. In some ways disappointed but I was also rather busy making sure things went smoothly for the event, talking to people walking by, handling the charity auction and so forth. It takes a great deal of time and energy to focus on everything.

I have to again tip my hat at all the players that brought scenery to the event. Lee brought Miniature Building Authority buildings, water and some extra jungle items. Chris pulled in a wide range including ruined hamlets, a full jungle table, bridges and more to fill out various tables. Dan brought his extra trees and buildings for another table and Mike brought the Pegasus bridge, 4 Ground buildings and much more as well. We pulled together an array of amazing looking tables. A community is what makes the game….

Our breakdown of armies was:
3 Germans – 1 SS Themed, the other two Heer.
2 British
3 US – 1 Marine, one was Airborne, the other regular Army
No Japanese, Soviets or odd Allied or Axis armies.

Everyone had a great time and the games all went off without a hitch. Did run over some on time but we was not holding to a hard core schedule to accommodate players.

Lee won overall with his generic US Army List.
Chris took second with the US Marines
Mike was Third with his SS
Dan took fourth with his Heer.

I gave away some excess auction items that were not bid on to the players that did not win prizes. I wanted everyone like last year to walk away with something as with my line of thinking you are paying to attend the convention for the weekend; I want it to be worthwhile. To me it is more important for people to feel good about an event and having a good time more than anything.

Our Charity Fundraiser Auction pulled in over $250 for Honor Flight, which when I started this idea I was going to support Wounded Warrior, but after talking to various people I started to do my research. I wanted to help local vets out, along with their program it fit to our theme of serving WW2 vets to get to Washington and the donation they receive goes to the charity while sadly Wounded Warrior eats about 50% in admin fees to operate. I feel that while Wounded Warrior and other programs get plenty of attention there are others out there less know and in need of support.

Contributors for the fundraiser included:
Hobby Armor Depot
Blitzkrieg Miniatures
Mad Bob’s
Company B

If you are looking for great products and a good company that supports the community visit these fine companies and give them the business! They deserve it!

Mike brought his Pegasus Bridge in to display for the Sunday game.

Snow table, not sure why the camera flipped the image.

Another angle.

County Manor house being used by the Germans as a base.

This was the first outing for my new mega mat from Frontline Games!

Ruined hamlet

Another view

Jungle table with Sarissa jungle village built by Chris.

More shots

and more...

Lee brought some of the Miniature Building Authority buildings.

Mike's 4ground blended well with the other buildings.

Round 1  Lee (US) and Andy (US)

Joe from Hobby Armor Depot made an appearance!

British (yellow armor, yes basecoated right now) and SS Germans

Marines vs Heer on the Jungle Table

Some of the latest vehicles Chris made.

Because people wanted to see more of the Sarissa Jungle buildings...

Well painted British advance over a bridge,

US forces hold the hill!


Andy painted this Warlord beauty up!
Mike's Stug! Image was a bit blurry.

Andy and Nicky finish up their game

Chris and Cory face off in round 2.

Don't lick the yellow snow!

Nicky selects who lives and dies in his squad from the casualties.

Germans stalk by the graveyard.

Germans scramble as a tank is in their lines!

Lee and Chris face off on round 3 for the top dog spot!

Let the slug match begin!

US Advances!

Major fighting on one of the flanks between the  US Army and Marines!

SS vs US on the Jungle Table

Dan and Nicky on the third round.

Andy and Cory duke it out on the snow table.

Chris (British) vs Mike (SS)

The heat is on for the last game between Chris and Lee!


  1. A nice set of pictures - I particularly like the snow table.

    Were the British in tropical uniforms? They looked like they were blue, which seems a little unusual (but I'm sure their owner knows what he's doing!)

    1. Yea, they still look great right color or not. Granted I have a problem with the color of my shirts for my Alpines for France....I have blue shirts on them based on a pic I saw of painted ones, which appears to not be correct based on the one image I could find so far.

      The event went great....yea, the white table is nice....looking forward to seeing some Finnish fighting on that scenery!