Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A few random figures done!

Well, done for now...I may go back and add some more greenery later but for now they are ready for the table! Many of these have been done for weeks but I have been lax in taking and posting photos.

French LMG Team

French Artillery Crew or Observer for Mortar or Artillery.

Second LMG team.

Finnish SMGs

Finnish soldiers with anti-tank mines.

Hitler Youth


More Volkstrum and one girl wearing a League of Girls Uniform

More Volkstrum

And more...

More Volkstrum

More Volkstrum

And more...

Yikes! I have a lot!

German Political Officer

League of Girls Medic

Hitler Youth

More Hitler Youth! 

Another youth readies panzerfausts

another angle

Volkstrum fall in!

Hilter Youth defends their home!

Overall, these have been a blast to paint as each figure Volkstrum and Hitler Youth were all to me individual models with lots of character. I tried to vary my colors and yet keep a theme to them of a rag tag last Levy defenders. I am looking forward to throwing these children, old, infirm, women, injured soldiers and misfits that could not qualify for military service to the battlefield to test their mettle!


  1. I like these Bolt Action figures a lot, very characterful. Nice color scheme as well. Thumb up

  2. Nice looking models.. you have been busy. :)