Sunday, September 7, 2014

Darkside August Tournament!

I took the Fins on the road with Chris with his US Marines to see how they would fair at Darkside. It felt good being able to focus on some games and less on Sarge work. I am glad Mike and I can alternate to take the weight off either of us to continually maintain events to prevent burnout.

After we met Ryan, Marco and John at Yoders for an insane breakfast (none of them had ever been there before) with some of the best breakfast you will ever have. Made form home cooked Amish food! And you think Chris and I go to tournaments to game? Bah!

We got the tables setup and ready for action, this was the first visit to the new Darkside store. Lots of nice space and packed by the end of the day!

Game 1 table  with Finns vs American Army 

The American player plots to hold back the white tide!

The battle unfolds.

Sniper, Heavy Mortar and Officer! Oh my!

Fins advance...

Game 2 vs John and his Americans

Darkside was filling with tables all over....Flames of War, 40k and Fantasy!

Jungle village table

My table for game 2...

Another table....

Another shot of of the snow table

Rumble in the jungle! Round 3 vs the Soviets

Fins fight back against the Soviet onslaught!

Brutal building to building fighting ensured!

Soviet tank creeps down through the town, hey are those Panzerfausts in that unit?

My first game against the Veteran American Army playing Envelopment. I took the attacker and made the Americans go on the offensive. When I won the roll off I had to think about this, sure the Fins would be better on the defensive but the Americans would be a pain on the offensive. So, I turned the tables and made my advantages for my army a strong point. I won the game by tabling him but it was a series of very good rolls that won it.

The second game was against John and his Veteran US army....This was the capture the 3 objectives and I opted for the defensive this time. Based on the scenario it would have been harder for me to take the objectives that John. The game ended up in a draw as we took turns shooting back and forth. The best classic was the air strike rolling a 1 and I got to jack up his Tank that was the nasty Sherman with the howitzer.

The last game was against Ryan and his Soviets. A brutal game here of hand to hand fighting between houses, tank  hunting and squads chasing one another around in the game. A great game and Ryan is a tough opponent. We ended in a draw with if it went another round Ryan would have taken that game home in a bag.

Playing Fins vs Soviets told me they got the mix right for Bolt Action as it made the game rough for both of us as our army benefits kicked in.

I took second just behind John with a few points shy, he won his last game which helped him in the end. A good win for John before he moved up to Georgia.

After the game we went to 5 Guys and chomped down on some burgers and fries with some after action discussion....

A good day of gaming! What could anyone ask for!


  1. Some nice looking tables there. I like Rumble in the Jungle.

    Congrats on your second place!

  2. It was a great game, and we have battled since and had similar results. Mean ass Finns.