Tuesday, December 16, 2014

About time! Warlord releasing WW2 Senegalese Tirailleurs

Yep, Warlord dropped a 12 days of Christmas teaser saying there is a run of new French goodness which to me this has been one of the long overdue! Nobody made Senegalese Tirailleurs and I for one have been starving for them to enter my French Army, I was so desperate I was about to order WW1 figs to use! Now instead I get a cool boxed set with an SMG, LMG and Grenade Launcher! Whoo!

Can't wait to order two packs! Looks like 10 to a box based on the images shown...images are from Warlord Games!




  1. Nice-looking models, indeed :-) .

    I think there's a formatting problem with the text in this post: most of it comes out as white on a white background when I view it. Fortunately for me, I know enough to be able to read it (by selecting the text so that the colours were inverted), but I thought you might like to know in case you aren't already aware of the issue.

  2. I have a buddy who is probably going to pick up an couple platoons worth.

  3. Great models, looking forward to see how yours turn out.

  4. Finally, French infantry units start to get some attention.

  5. They do look great. Blog post looks fine to me.