Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I was visited by not one but two Santa's this week!

You read that right, I got two surprises this week!

First a gift from my Sick-Reet Santa....not the good kind of gift or the one you would not want to be part of! Yea, a bacterial bronchitis infection hit me starting Saturday, but Sunday I was in bed and hated the world, by Monday I was telling my wife to take me to the Urgent Care. I went back to work today, I hate missing work, I would rather save my leave from PTO not being sick! If I am going to stay home I would like to work on my hobby stuff or spend time with my wife. Not coughing in bed and feeling like I went a few rounds with Cthulu! I would call myself functional now, but not better 100% still get winded easy, lungs are still clearing and the junk is still leaving my head....

Now, to the other Santa! The good one! The Secret Santa! Thank you, I got a package on Sunday, the Post Office delivered it either late Saturday or Sunday (I know they deliver Priority and Express on weekends around this time). It arrived safe and remains under the tree until the devil temps me first or I wait until Christmas Eve or Christmas to open. The funny thing is my wife is more excited than I am about the idea of a Secret Santa and thought it was cool that I was doing this (she is just the curious type that does not like surprises). I know mine already got his goodie and waits to open theirs on Christmas.....thanks again Secret Santa!

Oh no....

Oh well we can still have a Cthulu Christmas


  1. Sorry to hear about your bronchial infection, but glad to hear about your Secret Santa. Open it, you know you want to!

  2. Ah, it's no fun being ill, is it :-( ? Still, at least you've got some nice surprises to look forward to :-) .

  3. I am very sorry to hear about the bronchial infection. Something similar knocked me out for a week last year and I had to go on a full course of antibiotics. It was a lot of struggle and hot baths but I got around to getting better with my loving wife looking after me along the way. Thanks for sharing.

    Coleman Lindner @ U.S. HealthWorks South San Francisco