Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tank Wars Game at new LGS - Next Ridge Games

Chris and I took a trip to a new LGS that opened in Tampa, about 30 mins away and we opted to pack up some lists to try out while we chatted up the new owners of the store. We had been talking for some time since our home base for Bolt Action shut down due to financial issues.

The owners were great, the store is nice and plenty of space to add product and lots of game table perhaps up to 15 or 16 tables. The AC works nice (in Florida in the summer, THIS is a good thing) and everyone there was very curious about the game.

Chris brought a US list with a few Shermans and a Wolverine along with a Jeep and Air Observer.

My list was a bit more Complex: Panther G, Panzer III J (X2), Paner IV F/G, UNIC (light AT gun/command), Puma, Motorcycle with LMG and a Marder III....

Both of us had 8 dice....

First round was ugly with use posing to take up positions after I won the dice off and took the better side of the table in my opinion. Then Chris drew first blood with a 6-6-6 plastering a Panzer III J in the first round. The second saw both of us throwing pins around. Then reserves crept in on 2 Chris pulled most of his out after the loss of one tank, I had two on outflank, by 3 I had everything on and many good directions of fire setup. It was an exchange up till 5, then Chris was loosing vehicles left and right including an Airstrike getting a 1 and I burned one of his tanks with it. After that it was just ugly watching the dice dwindle down to a jeep and observer as I took out the last tank on 6 and held three objectives with a single loss of a Panzer III J, I did have a Panzer IV immobile along with the Marder but I was ok otherwise. Phew! He plans to bring British next week, let's hope the big guns don't sleep!

A great game and Chris is always a blast to play against. The good point was to show the owners about the game and setup shop as our new home

The table, mat by Deep Cut Studios, rocks and water by my friend Chris. The buildings are Company B resin buildings painted by Chris and Cresent Root MDF prepainted buildings.

Jeep and Wolverine advance

Puma arrives with a Panzer III with caution.

First blood!

Germans line up for their shooting

What do you mean that wasn't a German plane sir?

Yes sir, I got the right tank this time but I was out of bombs, so I shot it with my machine guns...
(got a 1 for the plane choice, fighter against a tank, Hahahhahaha)

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