Sunday, July 19, 2015

4Ground Furniture

Finished most of my 4Ground Furniture...

Single and Double Bed - easy to assemble, a bit plain, I may paint the tops and use some green stuff to make pillows to glue on.

Table, the legs are a bit fiddly to put on but otherwise a nice bit of MDF. The instructions also has a few prints you can cut out to make it into a card table with green felt, chips and cards on top.

Piano, loved this went together easy. The instructions labeled a few things wrong.

L Shaped counter - easy assembly, the middle join did require some glue to ensure a more solid join and remove some spacing in the joins.

Cupboard, easy to assemble, looks nice.

Fireplace, a snap to do, a bit dark but it works well in a building.

Chairs - was a POS - There is no joins or grooves to line up the legs with the lower brackets. Fiddly bits that made me scream. If you are younger, have stead hands and such you will have no problem. If you are an older gent like me and not too steady in the hand, be warned.

Example shots in a 4Ground Winter home I own,


  1. Great looking furniture, very atmospheric!

  2. Dang, but those are nice :-) . A bit pricey to furnish more than a couple of rooms, perhaps?