Tuesday, January 24, 2012


At this point I am at a crossroad as to what I want to do next for Legends of the Old West.  At this point I need to start thinking about scenery and rounding off my miniature collections to add some variety to the already 60 models that I have painted up.

Model wise I am doing a “practical check” on myself to see what is what I consider “critical” to make games more enjoyable and have started to inventory each posse for ideas.

Here is my rough order list and it appears FRP Games may get my order, while they are expensive on a few items I want, the savings in shipping ordering from two companies balances out.

Foundry: Mexican Villagers
Foundry: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Foundry: Shanghai Pierces Cowhands
Crusader Wild West Foreigners
Artizan Banditos I
Artizan Buno, Brutto, Cativo (Good, the bad, the Ugly movie copies)
Artizan Frontier Cowboys
Tombstone Civilians

The Mexican Villagers offers at least 4-6 civilians for games, at least 2 possible Banditos or Tehano and one possible soiled dove that are Hispanic.

The GBU set is my diversity set for my outlaws or other groups as needed. A confederate, black man, Native American, rough Irish types and city slicker minis should fit in nicely.

The Cowhands will have some diversity of two black cowboys and I can’t resist one of the models with the name Alabama Bill! This should boost the cowboy group to at least 12 not including anything else giving them a wide range to choose from.

Foreigners was mainly in the loop for more diversity and the fact I like the guy in the kilt with two six guns!

The Banditos pushes that group to 9 models now. Toss in the Mexican Villagers and they should be playable as either Banditos or Outlaws. I will have the other GBU Mexican in there also!

The BBC package was just homage to my favorite movie and some nice looking models to round out other groups.

The Frontier Cowboys should help round out some of the hired guns I need, a preacher, prospector and free trapper.

The civilian set offers 20 models to help be extra fun models to make games more interesting. Some could even be used as a Reporter, Chinese Rail Worker or Card Sharp and perhaps a Soiled Dove.

When it comes to hired guns here is what I can put on the table: Card Sharp, Hanging Judge, US Marshall, Gunslinger, Soiled Dove and Mexican Bandito.

Items I need: Indian Scout, Preacher, Free Trapper, Prospector, Prize Fighter, Rail Worker, Pinkerton Man, Reporter, Cookie, Pony Express Rider, Renegade Solider, Tejano Guide, Explosives Expert and Knife Fighter.

The above order should clear about 50% of that list leaving a few leftovers to buy later.

Next, is how to build up scenery quickly, there are two options before me:

1)      Print PDF buildings and glue them to card and call it a day. The lazy way, cheap and fast shortcut.
2)      Scratch build with coffee sticks and Popsicle sticks among other things. This will take more time, look better on the table and is more rewarding. I am leaning towards this route more….

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