Thursday, January 12, 2012

My ship(s) have come in!

Well, I FINALLY got my package with  my pirate toys I won from Ebay. The seller shipped them on the 31st and just got them today! I swear I got things from England faster! Damm USPS, not sure what the deal is out in Cali, slackers....damm thing sat there in the tracking for days! It finally showed after I emailed the USPS with an inquiry. Here our Post Office is great in the south, not sure what those idiots on the west coast are doing.

Well on with the show! This stuff is some type of Pirates vs Undead set with two ships, some figures and assorted other goodness. Some of it had some damage and missing parts. Most of which is ok and fixable.

This was a Quay area for ships to dock, for the most part this is a workable bit of scenery that can be used for something.

Another shot to show scale.

The flag, a little paint and such this could be a cool thing.

Rigging, missing one brown. Thinking I may can cast the black or just ignore it and redo the masts which is be likely.

The cannons, shame there was only 3 but they are pretty good to scale. I thought I may could try to cast them.

Masts and flags...not impressive so they may go the the junk pile. One is broken also.

Crow's  nest, if you don't put the flag in the peg hole a model fits in there nicely. I am thinking I will cut the peg hole out.

Sails, they are ok, I may gow ith cloth.

Rowboats...WAY too small!

Stuff, the crates, bags and barrels could be used the chests are a bit large.

The tree is TALL as hell, the toppers are nice and could be used to make several smaller trees.

My Foundry pirate against the toy ones...gah!

Watch tower, a bit tall, may use it in Warhammer Fantasy or 40k.

Scale isn't bad in the tower.

The tower....

Side with the anchor, a bit big...

Shot of the deck, the stairs are to scale, a spot for a door to the below decks. The wheel is a decent size are are the sides, maybe a tad too low.

A problem area I will have to deal with. There is some smooth spots on both ships and some stuff like windows and such that was not done well.

The back, which is done nice. The pegs was to have a rowboat for. I plan to dremmel these off and putty with some decorations.

Both ships side by side.

Model by the gun.

Model aft.

The red ship. Measures about 10.5 inches from the front to the back rail (measured where models fit). Total length is like 13.5 out to the end of the prow.

Overall, I am pleased with what I got. There is some stuff missing like the cannon and a set of ropes and some damage in two spots....the ships have great potential to be made into some nice ships. 


  1. Hi! I just looked at your site and have more to look at. In the meantime, I was interested in that toy pirate set you got. I have several of the Pressman sets and just posted a conversion on my blog ( yours is a set I have not noticed before.

    1. I forgot to give you my contact info:


  2. I am not sure it is a Pressman set or not, I admit it does have some traits that are similar like the railing and the wheel, the size and config is close along with some stuff like the sails.

    There is no markings or anything on it. Did the Pressman stuff come with pirates and undead? That was what I got with them, sorta like army men size....same they was not smaller and I could have used them.