Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Few Games of Legends of the Old West

My friend Lee and I got together to play our first few games of Legends of the Old West. It was a learning experience and I am sure we missed a few rules here and there but we had a blast. Lee got to bring his Miniature Building Authority buildings that were amazing and well done. They may be a tad out of period and more fitting for a Fantasy or Pirate based game but still served our needs nicely.
Lee picked Outlaws and went with a simple set of a Desperado with a repeating rifle, 3 kids with sawed off shotguns and 3 or 4 Toughs with pistols. My Lawmen was the Sheriff with a LeMatt Pistol, one Deputy with the same, another with a Repeating Rifle. I had 3 Vigilantes with six shooters and 2 Citizens one with a six shooter and another with a sawed off shotgun.
Our first game was Vendetta; Lee pulled the high card and opted to take the center while I split my forces. The group I put in the graveyard was a sharp move on my part giving me cover and I only lost Granny to a pistol shot after a scattershot blast failed to wound her. The Repeating Rifle was the hero of the group with the move half distance and being able to shoot. I had problems getting my LeMatt into a good spot as Lee was fairly sharp with his placement and taking the top of the turn and having 5 FAME to blow in this game made it a pain for me to get into a good position. I ended up failing a Rout test, I did capture one of Lee’s Kids and he lost a tough or two to recovery rolls.
The second game we played the Jailbreak Scenario, Lee took one corner while I held the jail in the middle with my 3 heroes and Granny. I figured the Rifle and shotgun blasts would keep anyone away while the vigilantes and citizens harassed the Outlaws.  This game ended in a win for me as I was able to keep the Outlaws at bay long enough to slowly chew down their #s for a win.
The last game was for laughs and we did a bar fight. This was no doubt botched at several points but was good for a laugh at the end. We both rolled to Rout and both promptly failed at the same time calling it a draw.
Some lessons learned were that model placement is key to this game. Second, a Repeating Rifle is gold and I see why they cost $16, same for a LeMatt Pistol. I endorse these weapons. Also, avoid getting shot multiple times, taking multiple Pluck tests sucks!
Here is some pictures of the games we played:

The Lawmen


Sheriff and boys take cover!

Ambush has been set in the graveyard.

Granny is the first to go!

The Deputy with the repeater evens the score!

Sheriff and company head for the building where the Outlaws are hold up.

The repeating rifle claims another.

Cooter takes a shotgun blast.

Another good soul shot down in his prime!

Another Kid bites the dust!

Take cover! Hey I just stepped in.....

Dey Over Dere!

Poker chips was used as reload markers.

The cemetary was a bastion of defense!

The boss and one of the boys takes cover from a LeMatt blast!

Gather the boys! We making a stand!

Lawmen hold one of the Outlaws for the judge to arrive. Game 2!

Open season when the posse showed up to help out!

The first two out!

LeMatt clears the stairs of the Outlaws!

Game 3 Barfight Deployment and first turn.

Can't I just eat my beans?

Second Floor, poor granny just wanted a quiet drink!

First round of fights!

Another lawman down, the Outlaws take the second floor!

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