Friday, November 29, 2013

Movie Review: Saints and Soldiers

Bored last night, so I selected a random war movie and got a nice treat...I do advise to turn on the caption (like I did) to be able to understand what they were saying, often things was a bit quiet and hard to hear which is my only complaint. I think that was part of the "art" of the movie.

Saints and soldiers.jpg

The plot is pretty simple, 4 Airborne POWs managed to avoid getting killed when they get captured and things go wrong. They managed to rescue a downed British pilot that has intel that must get back to command. A medic, sarge, sniper and grunt escort the downed British flyboy to safety. There is a small tone of religion to the movie as the sniper is a Mormon and the medic an atheist that has an interesting character development in the movie.  It's not a high action movie, but rather several quiet scenes with a few action/combat elements mixed in.

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