Friday, November 29, 2013

Two Kickstarters I am watching! Great looking game boards.

Again, I did a bad thing and got near Kickstarter! My wife agreed to allow one for a Christmas gift, I am selling some stuff to make space and get some cash for add on goodies and perhaps the other Kickstarter as well.

The first is this one:

The mats are made from mouse pad material, full color, easy to store (roll up) and high detail printed with a variety of themes. Namely for us the green and alpine should be the two big $95 and free US shipping is always a plus. Plus they are water resistant as well.

They so far have green and barren wasteland, I think the city just opened up and Alpine and Barren Wastelands are on the way, so these are great for any game needs of any genre. I am thinking the Alpine or Green, still a 4x4 may be a sweet option also for smaller games I play.

The other one is a bit more different in options but includes a 10mm (Great for Dropzone commander and Robotech), another city table for 28mm, a demon world, a spaceship (Infinity and Warhammer) and a copplestone one that is great for Steampunk and European WW2 or Victorian games. They are made out of plastic 2x2 tiles...

Nice example of the cobblestone.

This is the city one I am getting for my Christmas gift! Great as this works for Super Hero and Judge Dredd as well as sci fi gaming!

The nice thing about this one is it is plastic, stores in 2x2 sections, configs in different ways, you can get dice and storage trays for paid extras and the price is $101 US on special  now (about 100 or so early birds at 62 british pounds)

In any case, we are seeing evolution of gaming tables, no more MDF toppers and bulky tables. Just unroll or clip your table together!


  1. Interesting, though I am just getting into lugging the MDF.......


    1. I would rather haul a rolled up mat or a small tub with plastic for the base of the board any day.....once these arrive MDF is going away at my house, except perhaps recycled for bases for scenery.