Sunday, November 3, 2013

Oct. 24th and 26th Bolt Action Pics

Been behind posting these up, no real battle reports but I will give you  quick run down on things...

Thursday, Chris and I headed to Anthem Games where we played  full 1k game of Bolt Action with all the trimmings including vehicles. I felt after a few demos it would be cool to let the guys see a game in progress with vehicles running about and other cool units outside the limited scope of the demo game. Chris brought his desert corps British and I pulled out my Heer for an eve of fun before I would open  up demos later on.

We rolled and got Envelopment. Chris was the defender and go a rare win. I tried something different and frankly it just didn't work. I tried to move up one side and outflank on the other. Chris did reserve some units and planned to plug the flank if I popped in there or on the other side depending on what I was going to do. It was close game at first until I rolled a 1 for my Air Strike and lost the Puma! Damm Japanese exchange pilot program!!!! At that point things went downhill, most of it was just some bad dice luck. I also managed to roll two 1's for fuel checks for my flamethrowers and they really didn't do an awesome amount of damage as I had hoped. In retrospect, I could have went at things a bit different but the dice was the real killer for me in the end. We both had a blast, I busted his chops picking on the Brits and lots of the guys was asking questions about the various armies and options. I hope Steve picks up the game for the store, I think it would be a great thing and really put something out there other than 40k and Warmachine/Hordes for people to play.

Here are a few snaps of the game...

Damm Japanese Exchange Pilot Program!

Germans get hammered with pins!

British fortify the right flank (right side for me)

One of the latest tanks in the British motor pool!

Ever see two ones roll for fuel checks on a flamethrower? 

Battle Royal by the end. Chris had his tank, officer and two Gurkas left. I had a Grenadier and officer left when the dust settled. He got a few early pulls of dice that finished the game in his favor. If I had gotten a few dice earlier, I could have ran a few units off the table for a a draw or a possible win at that point!

On October 26th Chris and I headed to Avon Park to play at the Battlezone at their tournament. The regular Sarge there was unable to run the event so I was there to handle things. Sadly, turnout was 4 people including the guy running the store, myself and two players. It appears the weekend before Halloween is just a bad thing, everyone is off ready for parties and such so that really kicked the attendance in the balls. Plus, Ed the owner was in the hospital due to some heart issues. I figure a few guys my have assumed the tournament was called off if there was medical issues, who knows. A few players showed later to hang out. Despite the setback we had some fun games and I matched Chris and Tom up for a duel to get the prize as the other two of us wasn't able to win it really.

I played Tom in the first game with his Marines making debut at the tournament! Wow, this was a tough list with an air observer, a bunch of Vets and I think one regular unit, a pair of howtizers and a Satan tank! I picked Top Secret because the FAQ just came out and I wanted to see how the game would  play out and get some feedback on the mission. 

A tough game is all I can say, we spent the first two turns moving units about trying to setup to get the objective., Tom had a good field of fire while I had a great deal of cover making it hard to get targeted. He got an early lucky strike on my Heavy Howitzer with his Medium Howitzer...I failed my first test to fire on his and I was lucky the next turn to get an early dice and pass a test that allowed me to pop smoke over the next two turns. I  had never used smoke but wow! Was it good, it blinded a great deal of his shooting, the 251/16 started to wreck the other flank with some supporting fire including taking out one Howitzer and the air observer for me taking out his second. I did loose the 251/16 to an air strike also but it had done it's fair shre of damage. In  daring move with the smoke we had some assaults and point blank shoot outs that allowed the Germans to snare the objective and run into  church courtyard to get the win at the end.

Tom....nuff said...

Germans advance.

Marines advance up!

Marines prepare a plan.

Germans advance using the church courtyard as cover.


Die Americans!

Chris and Tom for the playoffs!

One of another armored cars that Chris has done.

Marines advance!


  1. Looks like you had a ton of fun


  2. Sounds like it was a blast! Nice pictures of the table terrain, vehicles and units are looking good.

  3. Some fun looking games. I do enjoy seeing fully painted stuff played on good looking tables!