Sunday, November 23, 2014

Robotech Factory Update 1!

Well, been working slowly on a few items from my Robotech Tactics Kickstarter that arrived on Veteran's day.

So far, 12 Battle Pods, 1 Officer Pod, 1 Scout Pod and 2 Spartans are done so far. I went an extra step inspired by some others on Robotech Facebook page that allowed me to tackle adding magnets to my minis to expand my weapon options.

Also see the images below on how I added the magnets to the Spartans to expand the weapon options.

The weapon pods, clip the nub off and drill out the hole. I have a few bits that are the same size at the magnet that makes a perfect snug fit (at some times, no glue is needed).

Drill out of the side.

First magnet in the torso, the second now waits for the arm.

The weapon pod with a magnet. I used some plastic glue to fill in the crack from adding the extra magnet taking up space.

Finished Spartans with both weapon options.

Missile Pods. One open and one closed.

The magnets I used. This size works well for many projects.

Shot of the Zentradi horde so far.

Still on the fence about this pod. I wanted to capture movement but more forward instead of a leg behind running as typical in most poses.

Another one I tried to get a different feel of movement and action.

Officer pod

Scout Pod.

What do you think? Feedback welcome!


  1. I can see that these magnets are an excellent size for model-making :-) .

    I'll be interested to find out how useful such swappable parts are in games - do you envisage changing weapon loads all the time or just for the occasional scenario?

  2. A mix of both with the ability to in general adjust my models to make a list to whatever point level I am playing. Plus you know the old curse, glue X weapon in, then Y weapon turns out to be better. Then you have to buy more models or tear up the old one to add the new one. Plus it doesn't hurt the resale value if you have options like this in your army.

  3. Some cool looking figures there. I like that Scout Pod.

  4. The Zentradi models are very cool, it's not fair when the bad guys have cooler walkers.

    1. They are, then again I like the bad guys. Now, the Destroids were cool and my favorite. In the Invid series the Bikes and Beta rocked, plus in Southern Cross the hover tanks and the coptors were my favorites back then.