Saturday, November 15, 2014

First Bolt Action Tournament at Anthem Games! Nov 15th

Wow, just got back home from a great day of gaming at Anthem Games. We had 10 players attend the first Bolt Action Tournament at the store and also was a Crucible IV Carnage Event. A Carnage Event is a fancy name of saying win a chance for a ticket to Crucible IV for FREE!

We had two players from Darkside in Sarasota (Mike and Dan), James visiting from Seabring (from the Battlezone, Ed's store), John made it down from Georgia (4 hour drive) and of course the locals at Anthem that included Ryan, Marco, William and Chris plus Ryan's new recruit Nemo. To boot we had a special overseas guest that was in Orlando training for a few weeks. By luck he saw the Warlord posting I did about the event and packed his bags to join in the fun! Welcome to the US Kevin!

1st Place went to John
2nd Place went to Marco
Players choice voting welcomed Kevin to the US honoring him with a prize.
Mike also won the drawing for his all expense paid $45 ticket for the weekend!
Congrats to all the winners!

Oh, I bet you want me to talk about the armies eh? What did we have? Actually a good mix:

2 British - 1 British Army and 1 British Airbonre
1 US - Marine
1 Italian - Desert Themed
1 Bulgarian
3 Soviet
2 German

Table Setup Shots

Bombed out Town attempting to rebuild

Bocage and Cheatu

A nice sample of the bocage Chris is working on for an entire table!

Soviet Front

Pacific Table

Kevin from overseas! Yes, he stated he was born in the UK and has NEVER played a Games Workshop game!

First Round!

Second Round!

Round 3!

Lee stopped by and visited. He brought his US army so I broke out my Finns and got a quick game in with Lee. We played Top Secret while everyone else was doing Attrition. Ryan and Nemo had to leave, Ryan's wife was not feeling well and he needed to look after little Ryan! 

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