Sunday, November 23, 2014

Saturday exploring Hernando County

Chris and I headed up to Hernando County on Saturday to check out a few things up there....

We first hit Harbor Freight where I purchased another of the yellow storage cases that works great for holding my Bolt Action Armies. Chris found an inexpensive calliper.

The case, has storage on top and 4 smaller trays.

Example of how I store my figures.

Space on top for the big goodies!

Next we hit Dana's Railroad Supply which I have to admit is a hidden jewel in Hernando County. This is a must stop for train enthusiasts, but also for those building scenery and need general hobby materials. Plus, their prices were very reasonable.

Chris bought some scenery materials and paint while I picked up a plastic strip to use as a girder for a building frame for my supersystem games. I also nabbed two Vallejio paints (which I will add they had two racks, not everything, but not all of Vallejio) and some plastic glue. 

Check them out!

We made a quick stop at Tactical Supply, a military surplus store....sadly they had no Drill Sargent hats that were my size or a LT cap with butter bars! Oh well, it was still fun to walk around and look at the cool displays and items they have.

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