Monday, May 23, 2016

Bolt Action Tournament at Paladin Games

May 14th, yea a week late posting but it has been a busy week. Chris and I did a road trip over to Paladin Games in Orlando and had a blast throwing some dice and blowing stuff up.

Chris brought his British commandos and I brought along a bizarre German list themed from the Last Levy them.

My first game was against the Soviets with Demolition. The game ended up as a draw as neither of us could gain the upper hand.

The table turn 1.

My second game was against John and his US army. The dice were with him in the end as he was able to take me towards the mid of the game during Top Secret. I was able to sack the unit with the objective but he was able to snag it and take it in for a win.


Fire in the hole! 

The third game was a standard annihilation game with another loss against Bob.

Bob plots my defeat.

Germans move to flank.

Germans on the prowl.

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